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prime4me® Aligner

prime4me® Aligner

Innovative splint concept for the best treatment results.

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passion and precision.

Innovative splint concept for the best treatment results.

Almost invisible thanks to transparent aligner material.

Aligner covers part of the gingiva for a better transfer of forces.

  Digital case planning with OnyxCeph³™.

 Personal consulation from an experienced support team.

2-Schienen Behandlungskonzept.

soft: foil ø 0.6 mm


hard: foil ø 0.8 mm

Week 10.6 mm
Week 20.8 mm
Week 30.6 mm
Week 40.8 mm
Week50.6 mm
Week60.8 mm
Week 70.6 mm
Week 80.8 mm
Week 90.6 mm
Week 100.8 mm


  • Optimal transfer of forces by using two foil thicknesses:
    soft (ø 0.6 mm) and hard (ø 0.8 mm).
  • Movement of up to 0.5 mm possible per step:
    length of treatment can be adapted optimally to each individual situation.
  • Gentle, careful aligner therapy:
    movement is initiated by the soft foil. The movement is then continued and stabilized with the hard foil. Tooth movement is therefore continual and gentle in each step.
  • Patient compliance is higher thanks to the weekly change of aligners:
    patients start each week with fresh, new aligners.
  • Weekly change has positive effects:
    less discoloration and plaque on the aligner surface, yet full transfer of forces.


prime4me® Aligner can be used to treat many different types of tooth misalignment.
Possible indications are:

  • Crowding
  • Gap closure
  • Deep overbite
  • Open bite
  • Crossbite
  • Midline correction
  • Overjet-overbite correction

Come and talk to us: together we can find out if prime4me® Aligner is the right choice for your patient.

Treatment concept.

3 - 3

5 - 5

7 - 7
  smart advanced performance
Steps up to 5 6 – 9 10 – 15
Duration ≈ 70 days  I  ≈ 10 weeks ≈ 126 days  I  ≈ 18 weeks ≈ 210 days  I  ≈ 30 weeks
Aligner per jaw 2 – 10 12 – 18 20 – 30
Aligner in total 4 – 20 24 – 36 40 – 60
Deliveries 1 2 3


Procedure for ordering.

  • Preparation of treatment planning
  • approve case planning or talk personally with our experienced support team about requests for changes.
  • The treatment plan is adjusted according to your requests.
  • approve case plan.
  • Production of aligners according to the approved plan.
  • Should treatment be canceled after the planning stage, we will invoice only a flat fee* for treatment planning.

*see price list.


  • Intermediate check-ups for the versions advanced and performance with intra-oral scans or model scans.
  • Treatment planning can be modified if required.
  • Including 3D Viewer free of charge for patient consultation and to view the treatment proposal.
    Example: Please click here
  • The aligners (for advanced and performance) are adjusted to the current situation, then produced and sent to your practice.
  • Target-oriented aligner production saves resources and protects the environment.


Our dental specialists will include attachments in the plan if your patient should require them.  The attachment guides will be included in the delivery.

You can find a step-by-step guide on how to fit the attachment guides in our download center.



  • Buccal attachments.

  • Lingual attachments.

  • Activation surfaces.

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