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Declaration of consent regarding data protection

We would like to inform you about our products and innovations and kindly ask you to agree to your data being used for this purpose. Your data will be treated carefully and confidentially. Data transfer to third parties shall occur only if this is required by law or if this is absolutely necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the data has been recorded.

This declaration of consent also authorizes all other DENTAURUM affiliates.

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What is the purpose of this page?

This page is for medical professionals only. It offers the user fast and easy access to all user information which DENTAURUM provides for its medical devices with e-labeling. One big advantage is that the information is guaranteed to be up-to-date. The dental professional can therefore always be sure to have the latest Instructions for use and Processing instructions. Older (print) versions should no longer be used.

With which browsers does the page function?

This page is compatible with all standard browsers (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari).

How should you use the page?

You have various possibilities to search for information.

  • Search in product groups via product areas
    First select the product area, then the product group. You will then be presented with a list of IFUs for the selected product group from which you can choose the data you require.
  • Search via product name
    Enter the name of product or part of the name to find the IFU.
  • Search via the Product REF
    Enter the reference number of the product; this can be found on the product packaging or in the product catalog. The number has 8 digits in the format XXX-XXX-XX.
  • Search via the IFU REF
    If you know the REF of the IFU, enter the number here.
    This method of search is particularly useful if, for example, you already have a (printed) version of the Instructions for use and would like to see if there is an updated version available. Enter the REF of the document; this can be found either on the front or back page, written vertically. The number has 8 digits in the format XXX-XXX-XX.

How is information provided?

Following a successful search, the up-to-date documents are listed. They are available in PDF format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If the files are not shown or if you need to update Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the following link:

How can I change the language?

If you have chosen the wrong language by mistake, use the selection menu at the top right to change the language.




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