Conditions of participation and payment for international events

Conditions of participation and payment for international events



1. Validity

The following conditions of participation and payment shall apply exclusively for all courses, training sessions, seminars, congresses and symposiums ("events") by DENTAURUM companies (hereinafter referred to as DENTAURUM).

2. Binding registration

(1)  To participate, registration for an event must be made in written or text form, and confirmation of registration is necessary. Registrations are reviewed in the order they arrive at DENTAURUM.

(2) The Agreement for participation in the event comes into force upon binding confirmation of registration from DENTAURUM which will be sent to the postal address or e-mail address given by the participant on registration.

3. Content and procedure

(1)  The location and content of the event are as stated in the publication, unless changes should be deemed necessary by the person responsible for the content of the event.

(2)  Should it become necessary to change the date of the event, DENTAURUM will immediately inform the participants of this, stating the new date. Existing registrations remain valid. Should a participant not be able to attend on the new date, course fees already paid will be reimbursed in accordance with paragraph 4, sentence 3. DENTAURUM is not obliged to offer participants an alternative date for the event. DENTAURUM is not liable for the reimbursement of further costs.

(3)  DENTAURUM is entitled to cancel an event if an important reason exists, e.g. insufficient number of participants, non-availability of the speaker, technical problems or in the case of unforeseeable circumstances or circumstances that are unavoidable despite taking due care and which do not fall in the risk sphere of one party ("force majeure"). In such a case, DENTAURUM will inform the participants of the cancelation immediately.

(4) DENTAURUM is not obliged to offer participants an alternative date for the event. Should the event be canceled at the latest 14 days before the planned date, claims beyond reimbursement of the participation fee are excluded (in particular, for example, reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs). In deviation of this, DENTAURUM is also only obliged to reimburse participation fees that have already been paid if the event is canceled at shorter notice because of reasons pertaining to "force majeure".

4. Terms of payment

(1)  The participation fees as indicated in the publication announcing the event apply. The participation fee includes course materials and catering during coffee/tea breaks and lunch breaks.

(2) Payment of the participation fee is due upon receipt of the binding confirmation of registration acc. to section 2 para. 2. Fees do not include charges and are payable within 14 days of receipt of an invoice without deduction to the DENTAURUM account listed, unless otherwise stated in the confirmation of registration. The date of receipt of the payment (credit) determines whether payment was effected in a timely manner.

(3) The participant shall receive reimbursement of the participation fee only if DENTAURUM receives notification that the participant cannot attend at the latest 6 weeks before the event. Should the afore-said notification arrive later, it is not possible to claim reimbursement of the participation fee. The participant may, however, name a replacement participant.

5. Certificate and training points

(1) Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance at the event.

(2) Events marked accordingly fulfil the principles and recommendations for dental training of the BZÄK (chamber for the professional representation of all dentists in Germany) / DGZMK (society for oral medicine in Germany) and KZBV (national association of statutory health insurance dentists) dated September 23, 2005 and are in accordance with the points assessment schemes from BZÄK and DGZMK (valid from January 1, 2006).

(3) The number of training points awarded can be seen in the description of the event in question both on our home page and in the individual publication. Confirmation of the points are sent to registered participants, provided that they took part in the event.

6. Liability

(1) Participants take part in the event at their own risk. Instructions by Dentaurum staff responsible for event organization or an appointed third party at the event location shall be followed unconditionally.

(2) DENTAURUM accepts no liability for damage(s) which may occur as a result of a failure to follow instructions given by the person(s) responsible for the event organization or as a result of an accident which is the participant's own fault.

(3) DENTAURUM's liability shall be - for whatever legal reason und including obligation for accidents and loss or damage to personal belongings- , subject to mandatory statutory provisions, limited to intent and gross negligence.

7. Images, video and audio recordings

During events, no recording of images, videos or audios whatsoever or publication of such recordings is permitted in view of conflicting rights (e.g. in particular, privacy rights of participants and copyrights to course contents), which explicitly includes the posting of such recordings on social networks and so-called live-streaming.

8. Miscellaneous

The place of jurisdiction is Pforzheim, Germany. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply with the exception of the UN Law on International Sales (CISG).

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