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Tradition, innovation and quality.

Overview Company


Our objective.

In an environment that is becoming increasingly competitive, the key to success is to have a clear positioning. Our maxim: Dentaurum. Quality. Worldwide. Unique. expresses this in a nutshell. We supply the full range of products for the market segments orthodontics, implantology, prosthetics and ceramics. Our strength lies in the quality of the wide spectrum of products and services we offer, whereby the focus is always on the human being. This is our recipe for success in maintaining a leading market position as the oldest owner-managed family company in the dental industry.


" We want to leave a company behind for our children and future generations that is economically strong and operating within an intact environment."

Mark Stephen Pace, CEO

People in the company

Our employees – the key to our success.

In a globalized world characterized by increasing competitive pressure, the commitment and innovative strength of the people in our company are a decisive factor in maintaining our position in the market. The cornerstones of our success are the knowledge, the creativity, the social competence and the high level of commitment of our employees.

Quality - Made in Germany

Dental technology that sets standards.

There is a high level of professional knowledge in our company that has been built up over the years in our own research and development facilities, both in Germany and in France. Highly qualified employees work together in interdisciplinary teams to find answers to the challenges the future poses. At the same time, long-standing cooperations with experts from universities and clinics contribute to finding new developments and innovations.


Dentaurum in figures.

  • Founded in 1886, owner-managed family company.
  • 9 affiliates in France, Spain, Italy, Benelux, USA, Canada, Australia and Switzerland.  Represented in more than 130 countries across the globe.
  • More than 8500 articles in our product range.
  • Employees: approx. 600 wordwide.
  • Turnover 2022: € 68 million consolidated.
  • Training organization for technical and commercial apprenticeships approx. 15 apprentices and students.

Environmental protection at Dentaurum

The living standard of future generations depends on how we maintain the natural environment.

We believe than an active environmental policy makes a significant contribution to the improvement of our business position as we do not consider business success at the cost of nature and the environment to be sustainable.

For many years now, we have placed priority on environmental issues when researching and developing new technologies and when considering production. Protection of the environment is actively integrated into all parts of the company and plays an important role in our environmental policies. The Dentaurum Group has been certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 14001 and EMAS for many years and we are fully aware of our responsibility.

Dentaurum. Quality. Worldwide. Unique.



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