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Implant form:

  • Calculated using FEM analyses and documented in scientific studies.
  • Cylindrical-conical design with self-tapping thread.
  • Uniform, gentle loading of the bone, confirmed by studies.
  • Optimal grading of the implant diameters so the appropriate implant can be used for the indication in question.

Implant geometry

The thread geometry allows:

  • Quick, atraumatic implant insertion.
  • High primary stability.
  • Blasted/etched implant surface in the endosseous region.

The inner geometry is a distinguishing feature:

  • Suitable for 2 connector geometries conical and platform.
  • High resistance to torsion and high bending strength when under permanent loading.
  • Zero backlash transmission of bending moments.
  • Maximum flexibility in the positioning of the system components.


  1. Abutment Switch
  2. Integrated Platform Switch.
  3. Crestal fine thread.
  4. Sandblasted/etched implant surface.
  5. Progressive coarse thread.
  6. Rounded apex.

S-M-L concept

  • Clear, practical assortment:
    • 5 implant diameters
    • 5 implant lengths
    • 3 series of abutments
    • 2 connector geometries
  • Optimal grading of the implant diameters means the appropriate implant can be used for the indication in question.
  • One prosthetic screw for all implant diameters.
  • All three series of abutments are available with conical or platform connector geometry.
  • Low storage levels.

Surgical Tray for tioLogic® TWINFIT

  • Suitable for preparation with and without themo-disinfector.
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean surface.
  • Colored lines for easy and reliable marking of drilling results.
  • All instruments are securely fixed.
  • Familiar concept for the majority of users.

Rotating instruments ADVANCED

Flexibility meets efficiency.

  • Suitable for the insertion of all tioLogic® ST and tioLogic® TWINFIT implant types.
  • Implant preparation is gentle on the bone.
  • Safe implant placement possible with or without depth stop sleeve.
  • Color marking relating to implant diameter.
  • Flute to collect autologous bone chip.
  • Hexagonal fixation ensures optimal force transfer.

Gingiva former

Red/white aesthetics par excellence.

  • Anatomical and cylindrical gingiva former for optimal gingiva management.
  • For shaping the peri-implant soft tissue.

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