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Products for practice hygiene

Products for practice hygiene

Safety for professionals and patients.

Overview Products

Dermatril® disposable rubber gloves

Skin friendly and hygienic.

Dermatril® disposable rubber gloves provide protection during work with polymethyl methacrylates such as Orthocryl®.

  • Great wearing comfort and very good tactile sensitivity.
  • Disposable in the sizes S, M and L.
  • Made from special nitrile, free from powder and natural latex.


High-performance cleaning unit.

The activeblue high-performance cleaning unit has been adapted especially for use in orthodontics. In a short space of time, it removes plaque and deposits from appliances simply and safely. And it works without material abrasion or impairment of the function of the sensitive expansion screws, wires and wire elements.

Dentaurum brackets in new packaging.

Hygienic. Practical. Aesthetic.

  • No contamination, automatic packaging.
  • Protection against contamination of the brackets thanks to double film coating.
  • Packed as a one case assortment.
  • Top foil is easy to remove.
  • Second foil is perforated for safe removal of brackets during patient treatment.
  • Convenient positioning (base faces downwards).


Mini-implants in sterile packaging.

As an all-rounder in skeletal anchorage, tomas®-pin fulfills every wish, – be it distalization, mesialization, intrusion, palatal expansion or indirect anchorage. In almost all cases, using mini-pins eliminates the need for extra-oral equipment. The mini-implants come in a sterile packaging since 2004 - increased safety and time saving for patient and professionals!

tioLogic® TWINFIT packaging concept

Simple, efficient and safe to handle.

tioLogic® TWINFIT implants undergo a comprehensive cleaning and sterilizing process and are delivered in gamma-sterilized double packaging. This packaging is an excellent solution not only for handling, but also for safety during transport. The outer packaging (foil and blister packaging) ensures perfect protection of the inner container which holds the sterile implant, the closure screw and the depth-stop sleeves. In addition, the eco-friendly outer packaging guarantees safe transportation and optimal storage in the practice.


  • Implant is safely fixated in sleeve container, which prevents it from rotating.
  • PickUp instrument for direct, safe grasping of implant.
  • Color-coded depth-stop sleeves for single use included.
  • Closure screw included.
  • Double sterile packaging.

Premium-Line pliers

Premium quality - premium function for orthodontics.

  • Made in Germany.
  • Long service life.
  • Suitable set of pliers for each area of application.
  • 10-year warranty*.


*The 10 year guarantee is on material and workmanship, loosening of cutting inserts, breakage and corrosion of pliers’ body, providing the instruments have been used correctly and properly maintained. The guarantee does not apply if the equipment has been manipulated in any way.

Dentaurum. Quality. Worldwide. Unique.



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