Successful start -

premiere for the course "Expert in Dental Implantology"

Released: 01.06.2017

Successful start -

Dentists from Kuwait, Jordan, Saudia Arabia and Canada traveled to Dentaurum Implants in Germany and stayed from 6 to 15 May to improve their knowledge in the field of implantology: the participants of the new course "Expert in Dental Implantology". They were supported by six instructors, the Dentaurum Implants team and Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany.

First stop: CDC in Ispringen
The CDC building in Ispringen is Dentaurum's training center. Here, Rolf Scherberger and François Hartmann gave an initial introduction to the tioLogic® implant system and the new one-piece mini implant CITO mini®. They explained all of the steps from the development of the products to the surgical procedure and the prosthetic restoration. Following a guided tour of the company, Dr. Peter Keller, a local dentist, performed a live operation in Dentaurum's in-house operating facilities. He carried out an immediate implantation, demonstrating the surgical procedure using the tioLogic® ST instruments. The course participants were then able to carry out hands-on exercises themselves on swine jaws. On the third day of the course, Dr. Daniel Schulz (from Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany) held a talk on the management of hard and soft tissue which included a live demonstration and exercises on incision and suturing techniques using swine jaws and ears.

Successful cooperation in Erlangen
The next stop was Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) in Erlangen. Here, the participants listened to talks from Dr. Joachim Hoffmann (Jena, Germany) and Prof. Dr. Lars Bräuer (FAU Erlangen). Dr. Hoffmann spoke of the possibilities and limitations of augmentative measures and surgery techniques, whilst Prof. Dr. Bräuer dealt with the subject of the human anatomy. Exercises on human specimens were one of the highlights of the course. The participants were given the opportunity to practice implant insertions, suturing techniques and augmentations, as well as, for example, a sinus lift. On the final day of training, Dr. Hoffmann spoke on the subject of optimizing the planning of implants. He explained the prosthetic possibilities and concentrated in particular on anterior aesthetics and approaches to possible complications.

The course culminated in the awarding of certificates in cooperation with Friedrich-Alexander University and a farewell dinner in the restaurant "Cavos Taverna" in Stuttgart. Feedback from the participants was positive. Here a quote from one of the participants: "Keep up the good work, very welcoming environment. 7 star course!"

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