Diversity in indications for all demands.

Overview tioLogic® TWINFIT

S-M-L concept

  • Clear, practical assortment:
    • 5 implant diameters
    • 5 implant lengths
    • 3 series of abutments
    • 2 connector geometries
  • Optimal grading of the implant diameters means the appropriate implant can be used for the indication in question.
  • One prosthetic screw for all implant diameters.
  • All three series of abutments are available with conical or platform connector geometry.
  • Low storage levels.


The impression can be taken using either the open or closed technique.  Relevant components are available in all 3 series of abutments (S-M-L) for both impression techniques.

Components for the closed impression technique include impression posts, retaining screws and impression caps for the correct series of abutments.  Both the impression post and the caps are laser-printed or marked.

Impression posts are available in lengths of 10.0 mm and 14.0 mm with the corresponding screws to cater for different occlusal spaces. The impression posts are laser-printed with S, M or L on the retention surface and at the interface.

Model casting

With the tioLogic® TWINFIT laboratory implant it is possible to achieve an exact, rotation-free fit in the master model and a perfect securement for the abutment. It is made of titanium and can be used several times.

The classic laboratory implants and the 4Base laboratory implants can be used in both analog and digital workflow. The cavities of the laboratory analogs are stored in the CAD/CAM libraries of the various software manufacturers in order to achieve an optimum fit and the correct positioning of the laboratory analogs with the counter screw in 3D model printing.

Temporary abutments

It is possible to use a temporary abutment as a long-term immediate restoration. The temporary abutment is made of high-strength plastic which can be quickly and easily customized. It can easily be fixed thanks to the retention grooves.

CAD/CAM abutments

The scan abutments were specially designed for precise digital recording of the geometry directly on the implant shoulder. tioLogic® TWINFIT PreForms are available for the fabrication of customized one-piece abutments. Titanium bases are used for the fabrication of customized hybrid abutments for adhesively bonding CAD/CAM zirconium oxide ceramic mesostructures. The geometry of the titanium bases is designed to ensure a reliable, aesthetic bond with the ceramic mesostructure.

Titanium abutments

Titanium abutments are available in straight, 20° angled and cylindrical form. The straight and the angled titanium abutments can be slightly customized thanks to their anatomical design and varying gingival heights. The angled titanium abutments also have a different gingival height (labial / palatal). The cylindrical titanium abutments can be prepared as required for the individual case.

4Base abutments

With the 4Base concept it is possible to make immediate restorations for edentulous patients using screw-retained bridges or bars in the maxilla or the mandible on tioLogic® TWINFIT implants. The 4Base abutments are available for the implant lines S, M and L, straight (0°) and angled 20° and 30°. Angled abutments are delivered with flexible insertion aids for easy positioning. All 4Base abutments are available with conical and platform connector geometry.

Precious metal abutments

The precious metal abutment set consists of a cast-on base made from a precious metal alloy, an acrylic extension and an AnoTite screw.   The abutment construction makes individualization easy and is extremely precise, due to the pre-fabricated implant abutment connection. All precious metal abutments are available with conical and platform connector geometry.

tioLOC abutments

The LOCATOR® technique is for fabricating implant/tissue-borne restorations with a very low overall height. Existing coverdentures can be modified or remade. The tioLOC abutment, fabricated in-house, is available in different gingival heights. The LOCATOR® matrix comprises a metal base with a retention insert. The withdrawal force of the LOCATOR® matrix is regulated with an exchangeable retention insert which is available in different retention forces.

Ball abutments

Ball-anchored dentures are tissue-borne restorations. With ball abutments, existing coverdentures can be modified or a new coverdenture can be fabricated. It has different gingival heights. The matrices are available in titanium/plastic or precious metal/platinum.

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