The extraordinary orthodontic acrylic system.

Overview Orthodontic Acrylics


For the fabrication of orthodontic appliances.

The acrylic system Orthocryl® has been a fixture in orthodontic practices and laboratories for more than 50 years. For generations, it has combined excellent product characteristics and easy handling.

Orthocryl® is also a class IIa product and therefore suitable for the fixed appliance technique.

There are no limits to your creativity, regardless of whether you choose black, white or multi-color - Orthocryl® offers maximum freedom in design with its variety of lively colors, glitter and decals.

Orthocryl® black & white

Creativity in black/white.

Discover the world of contrasts with Orthocryl® black & white. The Orthocryl® powder, dyed black and white, opens up a range of new possibilities for creativity. If you are looking for new ideas for your appliances, the black and white technique opens up a world that is cooler than the world of colors.


Modern, digital patient consultation.

Dentaurum's new app: Build-a-Brace is an excellent and innovative tool for every orthodontic practice. Let your patients design their own dental brace on their smartphone or tablet and forward it directly to your dental laboratory. The app is available free of charge on the App Store or on Google play.


For your individual appliance.

  • Orthodontic decals.
  • Orthocryl® Disco glitter.
  • Further accessories such as separating media, spray bottles etc.

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