Complete CAD/CAM workflow

tioLogic® digital. from Dentaurum Implants

Released: 15.03.2017

Complete CAD/CAM workflow

tioLogic® digital. provides dental technicians access to the entire CAD/CAM workflow and offers clever solutions for implants. The product range comprises all data sets and original materials for the fabrication of customized one-piece abutments, hybrid abutments as well as bar and bridge restorations using CAD/CAM technology.

There are only two types of scanbody and these cover all indications and enable a production workflow that is simplified, reproducible and precise. Each position is exactly reproduced in the CAM software, be it directly from the implant interface in the case of customized one-piece abutments and hybrid abutments, or from the mesostructure in the case of bar and bridge restorations. Even angled abutments (AngleFix) are exactly reproduced digitally like the other abutments.

Manufacture of customized one-piece abutments using CAD/CAM is uncomplicated thanks to tioLogic® PreForm titanium blocks which are compatible with, for example, the Medentika abutment holders. They are also guaranteed to fit the inner connection of the tioLogic® implants. Pre-formed tioLogic® titanium bases can be offered for individual hybrid abutments. The geometry has been developed specially to suit zirconium and therefore guarantees a safe, aesthetic connection to the ceramic mesostructure.

Dentaurum Implants offers comprehensive digital solutions to dental technicians and dental offices for manufacturing high-precision dental restorations that are tailored to the customers' needs. Not only that, they are also economical, reproducible and quickly manufactured.

Dentaurum Implants' service point for tioLogic® CAD/CAM can be reached at Data sets for 3Shape, Dental Wings and exocad can be downloaded at the service point and integrated into the software.

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