Additions to the Orthocryl® color palette

Emerald green, violet and four new vibrant neon colors to be launched

Released: 16.03.2017

Additions to the Orthocryl® color palette

On time for IDS 2017, the range of colors in the Orthocryl® program will be extended to include trendy colors guaranteed to catch your eye.

The acrylic system Orthocryl® has been a fixture in orthodontic practices and laboratories for more than 50 years. For years, it has combined excellent product characteristics with easy handling. Two new monomer liquids in emerald green and violet have now been added to the color palette. They are ready-made but can be given an individual touch when mixed with the color concentrates available for this series.

A fresh start: Orthocryl® Neon
The neon colors in powder form have been removed from our product range and replaced by four new vibrant neon-colored monomer liquids. They shine in neon yellow, neon orange, neon green and neon pink.

Orthocryl® is used for the classic salt-and-pepper technique and as EQ version for the doughing technique. Also, Orthocryl® is a class IIa product and therefore suitable for the fixed appliance technique. There are no limits to your creativity, regardless of whether you choose black, white or multi-color - Orthocryl® offers maximum freedom in design with its variety of lively colors, glitter and novel designs.

The new Orthocryl® liquids will be available from March 2017.

Availability may vary depending on the country. Please ask your local representative.

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