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Addition to the Orthocryl® color palette –

now also available in neon blue!

Released: 07.12.2020

Addition to the Orthocryl® color palette –

Orthocryl® has been a fixture in orthodontic laboratories for more than 50 years. For years, the Dentaurum acrylic has combined excellent product characteristics with easy handling. We have been consistently developing the product range since introducing the new neon colors at the IDS in 2017. We recently fulfilled the wish of many customers and have extended the range to include the trendy color neon blue.

With this new colored monomer, the Orthocryl® range is now more colorful and diverse without losing its excellent characteristics as an orthodontic acrylic Class IIa. Orthocryl® is therefore also approved for the fixed appliance technique. There are no limits to your creativity when working with Orthocryl®. Regardless of whether you choose black, white or multi-color – Orthocryl® offers a variety of lively colors.

Attractive appliances in high-quality containers    
There are five new dazzling colors in our range of appliance containers. Alongside containers in neon green, neon coral and neon yellow, you can now find the colors turquoise and ruby-red. Dentaurum offers a color for every taste.

Colorful appliances and bright appliance containers: never before has it been so easy to inspire patients to accept treatment with a removable appliance!

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