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High-strength lithium disilicate press ceramics.
Aesthetic results – simply and quickly.

The advantages.



  • High-strength lithium disilicate ceramic with edges that remain stable during grinding.
  • Excellent shade match and shade stability for all shades, incl. Vita 3D-Master®* shades.

Time savings.

  • ceraMotion® press invest investment material with low level of reaction (fast devesting).
  • Only one finishing firing using ceraMotion® One Touch.

Cost savings.

  • Compact product range with low stock levels.
  • Amazingly fast and aesthetic monolithic restorations.

Strong system – aesthetic result.



Special investment material for press ceramics.

  • Smooth, dense surfaces due to minimized reaction layer.
  • Easy devesting.
  • Finely detailed press results.



Low-reaction lithium disilicate press ingots.

  • Homogeneous and smooth surfaces.

  • High-strength edges that remain stable during grinding.

  • Compact product range.

  • Perfect shade match for the Vita Classical®* and the Vita 3D-Master®* shade guide.

*Vita Classical® and Vita 3D-Master® are registered trademarks of VITA Zahnfabrik.


Specially developed 2D and 3D pastes for an aesthetic finish.


Module 1

ceraMotion® press invest.

Investment for pressing – smoother than ever.

  • Barely visible surface reaction (without aids).
  • Easy devesting (without hydrofluoric acid).
  • Extremely smooth and homogeneous press results.
  • Easy blasting.
  • Long working time.
  • High edge strength.

Module 2

ceraMotion® LiSi.

Low-reacting, high-strength lithium disilicate ceramic with high level of bending strength 450 MPa (3-point bending test).

Perfect surfaces

Adapted translucency

  • ideal for monolithic restorations
  • harmonious opalescence and fluorescence

Stable edges during grinding process

Absolutely homogeneous and dense framework material

The right product range.
Our strength: excellent shade match.

With ceraMotion® LiSi, all colors match the shade guide required. In addition to the most important Vita Classical®* tooth shades, the product range includes eleven of the most popular Vita 3D-Master® colors – a first for a press ceramic. Shades that are in less demand are finished using ceraMotion® One Touch products. ceraMotion® LiSi is perfectly coordinated to have the translucency needed to reproduce the natural tooth.

*Vita Classical® and Vita 3D-Master® are registered trademarks of VITA Zahnfabrik.



Module 3

ceraMotion® One Touch.

Aesthetic results with one firing.



No compromises for monolithic crowns.

Finish with ceraMotion® One Touch

Press result unprocessed

All from one source.

Development and production of logically coordinated systems.

  • Long tradition with investment materials.
  • Own development in ceramics for over 25 years.
  • Own production in-house.

Ceramic solutions – made by Dentaurum.

Under the successful umbrella brand ceraMotion®, Dentaurum Ceramics produces more than 1500 products in
compliance with the highest quality standards.

These include products from all areas for modern all-ceramic restorations - from the framework material to the glaze.

Monolithic, cut-back, partially or fully veneered

The manufacturing method depends on the patient case to be treated. Whatever the technology, ceraMotion® has the right answer for all methods.

Paste Ceramics

Lithium Disilicate

Veneering Ceramics

Zirconium Oxide

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