The One Touch Concept.

Zirconium oxide.

Be it opaque, highly translucent or multi-shaded - Nacera®, a high-quality ceramics made of zirconium oxide, is available for many indications. The high-quality milling blanks are industrially manufactured, ensuring a high level of reliability. They can be used to create sophisticated dental restorations.

Color stability

With Nacera® and ceraMotion® products we offer the highest color stability for all techniques. The coloring process of Nacera® Pearl Shaded was especially adapted to the ceraMotion® Zr products.


Be it build-up, cut-back, minimal layering, staining or dipping technique – using ceraMotion® Zr veneering materials you will achieve the highest aesthetics no matter which technique you prefer.

Zirconium oxide

Color stability


Nacera®* and ceraMotion® - two strong brands combined to form a unique product range for all indications and processing techniques for the manufacture of all-ceramic restorations made of zirconium oxide. They are individually tailored to the needs and requirements of the user.

The two systems in combination leave nothing to be desired:

  • White zirconium oxide in opaque and highly translucent
  • Highly translucent, colored zirconium oxide in the classic colors (A1 - D4 + 2 bleach colors)
  • Polychrome, multi-layered and highly translucent zirconium oxide in 4 basic colors (A - D)
  • A veneering ceramic concept for the build-up, cut-back and staining technique
  • Unique 2D and 3D pastes for a quick, aesthetic finish to fully-anatomical restorations
  • Coloring liquids in the classic colors (A1 - D4) and shade modifiers for the dipping technique
* Nacera® is a registered trademark of Doceram Medical GmbH.

The ceraMotion®

One Touch Concept.

There is a steady increase in the demand for all-ceramic restorations. Bridges and crowns made from this material not only promise retention for a longer period of time, but they also lend a natural appearance, are chemically stable and are tolerated well. They offer everything that is expected of modern restorations. There is also an increase in demand for materials which require less time for processing whilst maintaining a high demand on aesthetics.

Our answer: the ceraMotion® One Touch Concept.

ceraMotion® One Touch was especially developed for aesthetic, fully-anatomical restorations. Nacera® Pearl Shaded 16 + 2 blanks and ceraMotion® One Touch pastes together form the core products of the ceraMotion® One Touch concept. Never before has it been easier to manufacture aesthetic crowns and bridges in such a short time.




Nacera® Pearl Shaded 16 + 2

Colored, highly translucent zirconium oxide in 16 Vita-Classic colors and two bleach colors. Nacera® Pearl, completed with stains and glazing material or using minimal stratification, provides a quality foundation for monolithic restorations with a natural look.

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ceraMotion® One Touch Pasten

ceraMotion® One Touch are 2D and 3D pastes that have been specially developed for the finish and characterization of all-ceramic monolithic restorations made of lithium disilicate and zirconium oxide.

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Application options
for beautiful crowns.

The table below shows all application options and possible combinations for the entire portfolio.

Video Tutorial

Build-up technique Cut-Back Minimal stratification Staining technique Dipping technique
Nacera® Pearl, Shaded 16 + 2
(shaded, highly translucent)
Nacera® Pearl Multi-Shade
(multi-shaded, highly translucent)
Nacera® Pearl 1
(white, highly translucent)


Nacera® Shell 1
(white, opaque)
Nacera® Classic Liquids
ceraMotion® One Touch
(2D and 3D pastes)
ceraMotion® Zr
ceraMotion® Stains Universal

Courses &
ceraMotion® Moments

Dentaurum and our instructors place great value on hands-on courses, during which participants have the opportunity to apply what they have just learned. Aesthetics play an important role where ceramics are concerned. We were able to put together a team of experts who are dedicated to passing on their knowledge. There are various courses in which we demonstrate how to work with the ceraMotion® system to achieve amazing, highly aesthetic results. Visit one of our courses with top instructors: Rainer Semsch, Haristos Girinis, Waldemar Fritzler - all Master Dental Technicians. Come and see for yourself.

Be sure not to miss our ceraMotion® Lounges and experience exciting ceraMotion® moments.

Come and enjoy an inspiring evening in a wonderful atmosphere. Listen to top-class instructors and experienced ceramic professionals talk about their personal experiences with ceraMotion® using interesting examples from their daily work in the laboratory. You can learn many interesting things about ceramics while chatting with the instructors and colleagues and enjoying fingerfood and drinks.


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Portfolio overview.

The product lines make up a strong portfolio that leaves nothing to be desired.


Nacera® Pearl Shaded 16 + 2

Polychrome, multi-layered and highly translucent zirconium oxide

Nacera® Pearl Multi-Shade

Highly translucent, white zirconium oxide

Nacera® Pearl

Opaque, white zirconium oxide

Nacera® Shell

Opaque, white zirconium oxide

Nacera® Liquids

Coloring liquids for white zirconium oxide

Nacera® Blue X

Translucency Liquid

Nacera® Clean

Cleaning powder for clean sintering surfaces

ceraMotion® One Touch

2D and 3D pastes for a quick and easy aesthetic finish

ceraMotion® Zr

Modern system for veneering ceramics for zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate.


Video showing the production of Nacera® blanks

ceraMotion® One Touch
, video for users

Experts' opinions on ceraMotion®

Nacera® Classic Liquids
Brushing technique

Nacera® Classic Liquids
Dipping technique

Nacera® Blue X

Impressions ceraMotion® Lounge

Video showing the production of Nacera® Blanks

Nacera® Classic Liquids
dipping technique

Nacera® Classic Liquids
brushing technique

Nacera® Blue X Liquid

ceraMotion® One Touch, video for users

Experts' opinions on ceraMotion®