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ceraMotion® One Touch Academy
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ceraMotion CADback

The digital

art of cutback

Overview Ceramics

The creative software,
specifically developed for ceramists!

ceraMotion® CADback Software



With the ceraMotion® CADback Software ceramists can easily and quickly design the individual framework for the micro-layering technique according to their wishes.
The integrated Colormapping even enables a fully anatomical 3D display with photorealistic tooth coloring.

The workflow


Fully anatomical design

After the CAD technician has designed the fully anatomical framework as usual (in Exocad or 3Shape).


The design ends up in the ceramics department

The ceramist uploads the STL data set to the ceraMotion® CADback Software.



The result is a fully anatomical
3D representation with photorealistic tooth coloring.


Design of the Micro Cutback

Marking the individual reduced cut-back areas. Dentin, incisal, mamelon and transparent areas).



The cutback crown is milled from zirconium oxide (e.g. ceraMotion® Z).



Finalization of the micro-layering technique with ceraMotion® One Touch 2D and 3D pastes.

ceraMotion® CADback – the new definition of the art of layering

The digital art of cutback

Using the ceraMotion® CADback Software creates an ideal basis for optimally utilizing the full potential and the many advantages of micro-layering.

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State-of-the-art framework materials

State-of-the-art all-ceramic framework materials such as the ceraMotion® Z Hybrid zirconium oxide provide the ideal basis for micro-layering.

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Individual beauty

Micro-layering sets new standards
in dental prosthetics.

Individual beauty meets cost-effectiveness
in a digital world.

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ceraMotion® CADback – saves time, money and is a joy!

Time saving

  • No more tedious manual regrinding of the framework.
  • Optimized workflow specifically for the micro-layering technique.
  • True-to-detail imitation of natural teeth.
  • Without classic complete layering.
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  • Grinding through the crown is avoided by digital reduction with an individually preset minimum wall thickness.
  • Shade fidelity due to matching framework material.
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  • Manufacturing aesthetic crowns and bridges in less time.
  • Making the most of the benefits of the micro-layering technique.
  • Avoiding damage to the crown due to uncontrolled grinding.
  • No uncontrolled changes in material properties due to grinding of the crown after sintering.


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  • Efficient communication and seamless collaboration between the CAD/CAM and ceramics departments.
  • Satisfied customers due to aesthetic, reproducible restorations.


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Ceramic solutions – made by Dentaurum.

Under the successful umbrella brand ceraMotion®, Dentaurum Ceramics produces more than 1500 products in
compliance with the highest quality standards.

These include products from all areas for modern all-ceramic restorations - from the framework material to the glaze.

Monolithic, cut-back, partially or fully veneered

The manufacturing method depends on the patient case to be treated. Whatever the technology, ceraMotion® has the right answer for all methods.

Paste Ceramics

Lithium Disilicate

Veneering Ceramics

Zirconium Oxide

Dentaurum. Quality. Worldwide. Unique.



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