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FEM-optimized and clinically proven.

  • FEM-optimized implant shape.
  • Dual thread design.
  • Crestal fine thread.
  • Progressive coarse thread.
  • Cylindrical-conical design.
  • Rounded apex.
  • High primary stability.
  • Quick, atraumatic implant insertion.

Perfect aesthetics

FEM-optimized inner geometry and ISO-compliant fatigue strength.

  • Integrated platform switching.
  • PentaStop© rotational security.
  • Micro-round junctions.
  • FEM-optimized inner geometry.
  • ISO-proven (ISO 14801) long-term durability.
  • Prosthetic components easily fitted.


Clear design and systematic procedure.

  • Clear visual color identification system.
  • Laser marking of diameter and length.
  • Integrated depth-stop.
  • Individual regulation of primary stability.
  • Innovative implant holder.

tioLogic® S-M-L concept

The optimal grading of implant diameters and lengths ensures that the appropriate implant is used for the indication. Components of the three series of abutments are made of acrylic (temporaries), titanium, precious metal and include various abutment: CAD/CAM, ball, bar, bridge, AngleFix and tioLOC. The abutment components S are used for the implant diameter 3.3 mm, the construction components M for the implant diameters 3.7 mm and 4.2 mm and the construction components L for the implant diameters 4.8 mm and 5.5 mm. All components are laser-marked with S, M or L for exact identification.

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