tioLogic® accessories

Accessory components for surgery and prosthetics.

Overview tioLogic®


tioLogic® osteotomes are especially designed for the tioLogic® implant systems. The osteotomes are designed for bone condensation, partial sinus floor elevation and horizontal bone elongation. Angled inserts for the osteotome are available. All osteotomes are available singly and as a set in a modern acrylic tray.


  • Tailored to the individual implant diameter.
  • Markings along the length to monitor depth during preparation.
  • Switching the osteome is simple and quick with the optimized universal handle.
  • Suitable for all standard sterilization procedures.

Torque ratchet

The torque ratchet is a precision instrument that can be disassembled. The torque ratchet can be used for the surgical procedure, implant insertion, securing the closure screws, gingiva formers and impression posts and for temporary and permanent prosthetic restorations.

It has been developed in accordance with the latest hygiene and cleaning standards and can easily be assembled and disassembled without the need for additional aids.


Anatomic Twist.

The high quality AnatomicTwist is a universal holder that rotates to accommodate rotating instruments. It is designed to rest comfortably in the hand. The red grip of the AnatomicTwist is made of a special aluminum alloy, making the body of the holder light, yet intentionally top-heavy. The insert for instruments is made of stainless steel, has bearings to aid rotation and allows smooth, controlled rotational movements.

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