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remanium® star powder

remanium® star powder & rematitan® powder
An alloy rediscovered


Laser melting with the best materials.

remanium star® powder is the clinically proven EMF alloy for the production of crowns, bridges and model castings in the additive laser melting process. Compatible with all market-leading laser melting systems. You too can discover the star among alloys!

Dentaurum has years of experience in the field of laser melting, and is therefore the ideal contact for this process in the dental industry.

Product advantages

  • Decades of experience in powder metallurgy in dental prosthetics and orthodontics
  • Ideal grain size distribution for many laser melting units and areas of application
  • Same composition as the proven remanium® star alloys for milling and casting
  • Perfect suitability for partial dentures with scientifically tested properties for clasp constructions
  • Modified CTE value ensures very good ceramic bonding for crowns and bridges
  • All prosthetic work can be produced simultaneously on one build plate
  • Smooth and dense framework surfaces thanks to optimized grain size selection
  • Optimum stress relief thanks to concrete recommendations for heat treatment


Simple and efficient heat treatment.

Dental restorations made with remanium® star powder can now be annealed free of tension in approx. 1 hour without shielding gas or special furnaces. This combines the proven product quality with high efficiency and flexibility.

Partial denture fit after heat treatment.

Precision of the heat-treated partial denture
in comparison to the original data.

Fields of application

remanium® star powder

Universal CoCr dental alloy, type 5.


remanium® star powder 5 kg REF 102-620-70
Grain size 10 – 30 μm    


Composition (% y mass)

Co Cr W Si
60,5 28,0 9,0 1,5
  • Further elements < 1%: Mn, N, Nb
  • This product contains cobalt.
  • Nickel-, beryllium-, lead-, cadmium- and iron-free.


Technical data

Yield strength Rp0,2 800 MPa
Tensile strength Rm 1.170 MPa
Hardness H 395 HV 10
Elongation at rupture A5 11%
Modulus of elasticity E 230 GPa
Density 8,6 g / cm³
CTE (25 °C – 500 °C) 14,4 x 10-6 K-1


Spherical powder particles with homogeneous grain size distribution

rematitan® powder

Universal dental alloy based on Ti, type 4


rematitan® powder 2,5 kg REF 100-145-00
Grain size 10 – 45μm    


Composition (% y mass)

Co Cr W Fe, O
90,0 6,0 4,0 < 1 %


Technical data

Yield strength Rp0,2 950 MPa
Tensile strength Rm 1.005 MPa
Hardness H 330 HV 10
Elongation at rupture A5 10%
Modulus of elasticity E 130 GPa
Density 4,4 g / cm³
CTE (25 °C – 500 °C) 10,1 x 10-6 K-1


Microsection following heat treatment
Magnification 20x

remanium® star powder for partial dentures.

remanium® star powder is highly suited for the production of clasp-retained dentures, delivering results comparable to cast constructions. This was also scientifically proven by a continuous stress test:

Conclusion of study by the University of Tübingen, Germany:

"...It was possible to show that the retention forces of dental clasps, manufactured by selective laser beam melting, are comparable with the forces of precision-cast clasps..."

*Direct Metal Laser Melting versus dental investment casting - retention forces of ESG clasps over a simulated wear time of ten years.

Retention forces of one-piece cast clasps over a simulated time in-situ of ten years.

Mutschler, Moritz / Zylla, Isabella-Maria / Geis-Gerstorfer, Jürgen / Edelmann, Karsten /
Krause, Joachim / Bünemann, Jens / Pederzani, Nils / Schmitt, Uwe / Mertins, Julia / Lagaris,
Alexandros / Ebert, Rolf / Spintzyk, Sebastian

Published in "Quintessenz Zahntechnik" 08- 2019

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