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remanium® CoCr alloys

remanium® CoCr alloys

Safety for the dentist and for the patient.

Overview Crowns & Bridges

remanium® star

Extremely good processing qualitites due to low hardness.

  • Extremely easy to work with, especially when milling or polishing, due to the unusually low hardness.
  • Excellent veneerability due to the low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Excellent melting and flow behavior.
  • Oxide firing is not necessary.
  • Highly suitable for laser welding since carbon-free.
  • Suitable for all processing technologies, also for milling and laser melting.

remanium® secura

Excellent melting and casting characteristics.

  • No danger of spattering or increased slagging.
  • High mechanical strength thanks to tantalum mixed-crystal reinforcement.
  • Optimized bake behavior of the veneering ceramic through low oxidation.

remanium® 2000+

Classic bonding alloy.

  • Excellent flow behavior.
  • Oxide firing is not necessary.
  • Highly suitable for laser welding since carbon-free.

remanium® LFC

Non-precious alternative for low fusing ceramic.

  • Excellent melting and casting behavior with all melting and casting techniques.
  • Easy preparation and polishing.
  • Free from nickel and beryllium.
  • For universal use for crowns and bridges, fixed/removable restorations.
  • Good laser welding properties.

remanium® 2001

Particularly suitable for open flame casting.

  • Easy to process, solder, weld, erode and mill.
  • Corrosion-resistant, free from nickel, beryllium and iron.
  • Is a cost-effective, non-allergenic prosthetic restoration.
  • Good laser weldability.

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