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Nickel-free products

Nickel-free products

For holistic therapy.

Overview Orthodontics


The nickel-free* premium bracket.

  • Nickel-free brackets with a special cobalt chrome alloy for patients allergic to nickel.
  • 1-piece bracket including hook without solder for high biocompatibility.
  • Proven discovery® design with rounded edges and large tie wing undercuts.
  • Laser-structured base for optimized bond strength.
  • The pre-formed bonding channel in the middle of the bracket ensures safe debonding.
  • The 3D CAD bracket base is adapted to fit snugly on the contour of the tooth.

* See Materials list

equilibrium® ti

The only bracket made of pure titanium.

  • Nickel-free* titanium bracket for patients with nickel allergy.
  • Anatomically adapted 1-piece bracket without solder for excellent biocompatibility.
  • Low friction in the slot due to the special treatment of the slot surfaces.
  • Bracket base with FDI notation for easy matching to the correct tooth.
  • The rhomboid base with marking in the middle and the low In/Out values allow force application at the ideal point.
  • Generously rounded tie wing undercuts in optimal design allow flexibility when choosing ligatures.




* See Materials list

discovery® pearl

The highly aesthetic ceramic bracket.

  • A distinguishing feature of discovery® pearl is the proven bracket geometry from the discovery® family.
  • discovery® pearl offers a high level of translucency for perfect aesthetics.
  • With its perfect geometry and size, the bracket seems virtually non-existent in the mouth.
  • Patented laser-structured base with FDI notation for easy matching to the correct tooth.
  • Anatomical base for a perfect fit on the tooth.
  • Available with and without colored positioning guides.


In all sizes.

  • For use with headgear and neck bands.
  • Use only with safety module.
  • For early treatment of tooth and jaw misalignments.

Highest level of precision for reliable results

The right arch for every kind of treatment.

Dentaurum offers customers a wide spectrum of high-quality wires and arches made in different materials for the treatment of individual situations. The depth of the program with respect to the choice of shapes, dimensions and strengths is unique:

  • Exceptional mechanical properties.
  • Excellent surface finish with low friction values.
  • Reliable, safe therapy results.
  • Nickel-free* wires and archwires.


* See Materials list

Ortho-Cast NF

Particularly biocompatible - Buccal tubes for patients with allergies.

  • Particularly suitable for patients with allergies or chronical disorders such as rheumatism, diabetes or metabolic disorders.
  • Stable design for optimum transfer of forces.
  • Rounded edges and corners to avoid irritation to the mucosa.
  • Manufactured using the proven MIM technique (metal-injection-molding).
  • 1-piece bracket without solder for high biocompatibility.


The buccal tubes made of pure titanium.

  • Particularly suitable for patients with allergies or chronical disorders such as rheumatism, diabetes or metabolic disorders.
  • Pure titanium has been proven to be highly biocompatible.
  • The stability of the materials used for rematitan® buccal tubes is very high.
  • With a laser-structured retention surface (bonding technique).
  • The buccal tubes are able to withstand loads, they are fracture-resistant and durable.

Titan hyrax®

The world's first RPE screw in titanium.

The Titan hyrax® screw combines all of the advantages of the tried-and-trusted palatal expansion screw with a particularly biocompatible therapy using titanium. Titanium is the material of choice in surgery as it causes almost no allergic reactions.

  • Stabile guidance
    Optimal design of guide pins.
  • Solid body
    High stability even when fully activated.
  • Easy bending
    Break-resistant retention legs.
    Little space needed to bend legs due to stepped screw body.
  • Laser marking
    Directional arrow and maximum expansion.
  • Stops
    Prevent screws from coming apart.

rematitan® expansion screw

The titanium expansion screw.

  • With cone-shaped expansion screw holder.
  • Skeleton design.
  • Holes in body of screws for better retention in acrylic.
  • Built-in stops prevent screws from coming apart.

prime4me® RETAIN3R

CAD/CAM retainer for a customized fit.

Your advantages:

  • Design based on customer requirements; individual product advice from our CAD/CAM specialists.
  • Optimum, individual fit due to three-dimensional construction design,
    even where space is tight.
  • 3D design more precise than 2D: Additional vertical fit to sagittal and transversal plane.
  • Highest degree of biocompatibility: milled retainer in Grade 5 titanium.
  • Due to the precise fit, there is only one position for the retainer on the teeth that is correct; it can therefore be fitted easily and tension-free.
  • 24 months warranty.


Your patient's advantages:

  • Best possible comfort thanks to precise fit lingually and smaller bonding surfaces.
  • Oral hygiene is easier and better due to the flat cross-section profile which has been optimized (3D half-round).
  • Highest level of biocompatibility and tolerance: also suitable for patients suffering from a nickel allergy.


Handover to shipping after 5 working days, order received by 12:00 p.m. Delivery times depend on the destination country.

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