Nickel-free brackets

Metal without risk of allergies.

Overview Bracket Lines


The nickel-free* premium bracket.

  • Nickel-free brackets with a special cobalt chrome alloy for patients allergic to nickel.
  • 1-piece bracket including hook without solder for high biocompatibility.
  • Proven discovery® design with rounded edges and large tie wing undercuts.
  • Laser-structured base for optimized bond strength.
  • The pre-formed bonding channel in the middle of the bracket ensures safe debonding.
  • The 3D CAD bracket base is adapted to fit snugly on the contour of the tooth.

* See Materials list

equilibrium® ti

The only bracket made of pure titanium.

  • Nickel-free* titanium bracket for patients with nickel allergy.
  • Anatomically adapted 1-piece bracket without solder for excellent biocompatibility.
  • Low friction in the slot due to the special treatment of the slot surfaces.
  • Bracket base with FDI notation for easy matching to the correct tooth.
  • The rhomboid base with marking in the middle and the low In/Out values allow force application at the ideal point.
  • Generously rounded tie wing undercuts in optimal design allow flexibility when choosing ligatures.




* See Materials list

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