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Nacera® Shell white

Ø 98.3 mm

Nacera® Shell 1 white is a reliable material suitable for all open CAD/CAM systems. The validated manufacturing process ensures that the material properties of the blanks remain uniform throughout.


  • Very precise shrinkage factors thanks to the Instant Fit Process (I.F.P.)*.
  • Very high stability against hydrothermal aging.
  • High strength of 1200 MPa (4 points) for stable implant sub-structures.
  • Excellent machinability for precise results.
  • Covering of discolored stumps and metal abutments for the veneering technique.


  • Flexural strength (DIN EN ISO 13485:2015): 1200 MPa.
  • Standard 98: thickness 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 25 mm.

Can be combined with

  • ceraMotion® Zr.
  • Nacera® Shine Zr.


* Nacera® is a registered trademark of Doceram Medical GmbH, Germany

* IFP = a procedure especially developed to determine exactly the sintering shrinkage of Nacera® zirconium oxide. Each blank is given an individual shinkage factor with up to five decimal places. This eliminates variations within a batch since the precise factor means sintering results remain constant.

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