Nacera® Pearl Q3 Multi-Shade

Ultra-highly translucent – multi-layered.

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Nacera Pearl Q3 Multi-Shade

Ultra-highly translucent – multi-layered.

Nacera® Pearl Q3 Multi-Shade is a polychromatic, ultra-highly translucent zirconium oxide with a fine, progressive shade gradient and a perfect match of classic V-shades*.

We apply a new color blending method, taking for the first time into account the color-dependent brightness value and chroma in a zirconium oxide system. The shade match and natural appearance allow you to be highly effective. Save time while finishing only with a glaze or add more individual character with ceraMotion® One Touch (ceraMotion® Zr Paste Glaze).

Advantages & indications

  • Revolutionary, perfect V-shades* and realistic, soft shade gradients.
  • Produce monolithic crowns, bridges up to 3 elements and veneers, inlays and onlays.
  • Finish with one firing, e.g. with ceraMotion® One Touch.
  • Ergonomic system to achieve the most popular shades.


  • Flexural strength (DIN EN ISO 6872:2015): 600 MPa.
  • Standard 98: Nacera Pearl Q3 Multi-Shade A-light, A-dark, B-light, B-dark, C-light: thickness 16 and 20 mm.

can be combined with

  • ceraMotion® Zr.
  • ceraMotion® One Touch.
  • Nacera® Shine Zr.


* Nacera® is a registered trademark of Doceram Medical GmbH, Germany

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