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Investment materials

Investment materials

Accurate in precision and handling.

Overview Crowns & Bridges

ceraMotion Press invest

Investment material for press ceramics.

  • Extremely smooth and dense surface.
  • Easy devesting.
  • Finely detailed press results.
  • Flexibility due to optimized working time.
  • High level of accurate fit due to precise control of expansion.

rema CC®

Universal investment material.

  • Universal investment material for use with non-precious alloys, precious metals and press ceramics.
  • High precision fit, also for multi-element bridges in non-precious alloys.
  • Highest level of stability for all investment systems and all types of heating.
  • Exact control of expansion.
  • Robust, flexible and with exact fitting without compromise in all areas.

rema TT®

Special investment material for telescopic crowns.

  • Precisely matched to the requirements of telescopic work in combination with non-precious metal alloys.
  • Accurate expansion control for producing the correct fit and friction.
  • Very good overall expansion.
  • High stability with all sizes of casting rings and preheating techniques.
  • High surface smoothness.

castorit® all speed

Speed investment material.

  • Place in furnace for speed preheating at a final temperature of 950 °C/1742 °F or in stages overnight.
  • Can be used for the entire spectrum of applications and for all alloy groups: from precious metals to high-expanding non-precious metal alloys.
  • Its high expansion ensures a highly accurate fit, even for telescopic constructions.
  • Its handling – impressively simple: long working times and very creamy mixing consistency.
  • Extremely smooth casting surfaces for uniform casting quality, accurate reproduction of model.

castorit® super C

Precision investment material for non-precious alloys.

  • Carbon-free.
  • Creamy mixing consistency.
  • Silky smooth casts.
  • Accurate fit.
  • Adjustable expansion.
  • Easy devesting.
  • Thermally stable.
  • Processing time: 4 minutes.
  • Protected in aluminum bag.


Investment material for non-precious alloys.

  • Excellent control of expansion, for the whole area of non-precious materials.
  • Very high level of overall expansion, therefore especially suitable for the telescopic technique.
  • Low-viscosity consistency.
  • Long working time.
  • High stability.
  • Easy devesting.
  • Easy blasting.

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