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Model casting

With the CITO mini® laboratory implant it is possible to achieve an exact fit on the master model and a perfect securement of the matrices. The laboratory implants are made of titanium and can be used several times.




Abutment components

Ball-anchored dentures are tissue-borne restorations. When using ball abutments existing coverdentures can be used as temporary dentures or modified with a cast partial denture framework alternatively a new coverdenture can be fabricated. CITO mini® matrices are available in three different versions. It is possible to compensate for a divergence of up to 25° thanks to the size of the matrix housing and the corresponding O-ring.


O-ring matrix 1 CITO mini® : 0° - 25°/3 N*
O-ring matrix 2 CITO mini® : 0° - 15°/4 N*
O-ring matrix 3 CITO mini® : 0° - 5°/4 N*

*Angle tolerance/retentive force

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