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Laboratory implants

For printed and cast models.

The tioLogic® TWINFIT laboratory implant is suitable for digital and conventional fabrication methods for implant models. It has been especially designed so that it can be fixed both in plaster and, in particular, in the cavities prepared on the printed model.


  • Flexibility on material selection.
  • Can be used both for a conventional and a digital workflow.
  • Exact and easy positioning of the laboratory implant on the implant model.
  • Data sets are available for 3Shape, exocad and dental wings.

Individual abutments

By using original tioLogic® TWINFIT PreForms, it is possible to create highly precise, patient-specific prosthetic restorations without adhesive bonding – cost-effectively and quickly. The provision of original titanium blocks from Dentaurum guarantees a perfect connection to the tioLogic® implant thanks to their processability with the Medentika PreForm abutment holder, not only for abutment manufacture in-house, but also for manufacture off site. The scan abutments have been specially designed for precise digital recording of the geometry in the relevant software.

Hybrid abutments

Original titanium bases from Dentaurum are used for the manufacture of individual hybrid abutments. These are bonded to the mesostructures made of zirconium oxide ceramic using the CAD/CAM technique. The geometry of the titanium bases is designed to ensure a reliable, aesthetic bond with the ceramic mesostructure. tioLogic® TWINFIT CAD/CAM titanium bases are available in all three prosthetic series of abutments S, M and L. The accompanying scan abutments have been specially designed to ensure precise digital capture of the geometries in the respective software.

CAD/CAM titanium bases

For angulated screw aperture.

The tioLogic® TWINFIT CAD/CAM titanium bases for angulated screw apertures are especially suitable for the fabrication of individual hybrid abutments. The angulated screw aperture is the best solution for the entire segment that is occlusally screw-retained, both for 4Base and for hybrid constructions.


  • Compensation of implant divergencies of up to  20°.
  • Discreet access in anterior region.
  • Aesthetic and functional results guaranteed.
  • One screwdriver for all angulated screw apertures.
  • The design ensures a reliable, aesthetic bond with the ceramic mesostructure.

CAD/CAM titanium adhesive bases

For bridges.

The tioLogic® TWINFIT CAD/CAM titanium adhesive bases are especially suitable for adhesion in the case of multi-unit bridge restorations or full-arch restorations in the edentulous mandible or maxilla.


  • Compensation of implant divergences of up to 30°.
  • Ceramic bridges can be fitted passively using the adhesive technique.
  • Retention grooves to enhance the adhesive effect.
  • Without rotational security.
  • Platform connector geometry.

4Base abutments

Specially developed for occlusaly screw-retained superstructures.

The tioLogic® TWINFIT 4Base abutments have been designed especially for occlusally screw-retained superstructures. The abutments are available in the versions straight and angulated (20° and 30°) and with different gingival heights. Digital impressions are taken directly on the bar abutments with the 4Base scan cap.


  • Uniform interface facilitates prosthetic restoration.
  • Angulations up to 50° possible.
  • Avoids augmentative measures.
  • Shorter treatment time.
  • Angulated screw aperture possible.

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