Small and brilliant.

Significant reduction in size.

20 % smaller than discovery® and one of the smallest brackets in the world.

The finishing touches make the difference!

For over 20 years discovery® has stood for perfect design and maximum quality in bracket treatment. This proven premium bracket family now has a new member named discovery® smart. A bracket that is esthetically small but impressively large in features & function.

A practical feature of discovery® smart is its mesial-distal curved slot contour, which follows the ideal contour of the dental arch. This means that each bracket has an individual slot curvature, which helps to minimize the friction in the slot and ensures more effi cient & precise treatment.

The dimensions of this new family member are 20 % smaller than discovery®.

Brilliant properties.


The bracket is manufactured as a one-piece bracket on state-of-the-art equipment using the MIM technique (metal injection molding), and has a very low profi le with an in-out value of only 0.7 mm. The perfectly designed tie wings, provide the bracket with the perfect finish.

The small, modern design of discovery® smart also incorporates all the brilliant characteristics of the discovery® bracket range, ensuring maximum reliability and control with fascinating esthetics.

One-piece bracket.

High biocompatibility.

Optimal wing design.

Easy, effi cient ligating.

Break point.

Flex for reliable debonding.

Laser-structured base.

Patented laser-structured base for better bond and FDI notation for ease of use.

Mushroom-design hooks.

Secure retention of attachments.

Laser marking.

Clear, easy identifi cation.

Low profile.

Excellent patient comfort.

3D bracket base.

Perfect fi t on the tooth.

Outstanding sliding properties.

New mesial-distal curved slot contour aligned to the ideal arch.

Highlights at a glance


Wearing comfort

A high level of wearing comfort and perfect aesthetics

It provides a definite improvement in comfort for the patient due to a significant reduction in size of around 20% in comparison to the discovery®, without any loss of torque and angulation control. Another highlight is the new mesial-distal curved slot direction, which follows the ideal curvature of the dental arch. This has a positive effect on the sliding mechanism of the arch wire.


Well-proven characteristics for a perfectly suited treatment plan

The well-proven design characteristics of the discovery® bracket family are mirrored in this new family member: generously sized, rounded bracket wing undercuts provide plenty of space for all types of ligatures, even when multiple ligatures or a combination with rubber chains are used. The fact that all brackets within the discovery® family have the same in-out values of 0.7 mm, means that they are all combinable with one another without requiring compensatory bending. This provides even more flexibility for each individual treatment method.


Biocompatibility and and easy handling are guaranteed

discovery® smart is a real, single-piece bracket which is produced using modern metal injection moulding methods (MIM). This means the bracket is especially biocompatible due to the fact that solder has been totally eliminated. Even the hooks on the canine, and optionally also on the premolar brackets, are designed in advance on the bracket and injected directly in one piece. The innovative mushroom shape means the rubber bands have sufficient support. The customary perfect bond to the tooth due to the laser structured base is patented by Dentaurum. In addition to this, the patented FDI tooth indication marking, which is integrated in the base of the bracket, enables each bracket to be assigned specifically to the correct tooth. The base is programmed to the anatomy of the tooth by 3D CAD, this means that the discovery® smart is especially easy to position. The bracket adapts itself perfectly to the tooth surface without slipping.

discovery® smart brackets  -  
automatically and conveniently packed in blister packaging

From 2018, our customers have the possibility of ordering discovery® smart brackets in blister packaging. This ensures they receive a product that is hygienically packed, easy to handle and pleasing to the eye.

The brackets undergo an extensive cleaning process consisting of up to seven steps. In an automated process, high-precision robots place the brackets hygienically clean into the blister pocket. The brackets face downwards and follow the order of the FDI marking, so they are conveniently placed for later removal. The blister pockets are then sealed with two layers of foil.

Dentaurum Brackets in new packaging.

Advantages for the orthodontist and the patient



  • Brackets undergo a thorough cleaning process
  • Robots place the brackets in the blister packaging
  • No contamination from manual filling
  • Two layers of foil ensure protection against contamination
  • Packed as a one case assortment
  • Hygienically packed in sealed white blister packaging


  • Top foil is easy to remove
  • Second foil is perforated for safe removal of brackets
  • Brackets cannot fall out
  • FDI notation helps orientation when removing brackets
  • Convenient positioning (base faces downwards)
  • Easy to remove from packaging during patient treatment


  • Blister packaging has a smooth surface
  • Reduced design with rounded corners and edges
  • Clear, transparent foil
  • Clear form, optically pleasing
  • Light and aesthetic white packaging
  • Simple design – well thought out and authentic

Multifaceted treatment

Brackets for all types of treatment.

In addition to discovery® smart, the discovery® family offers several other bracket choices which fulfi ll all requirements of a variety of treatment protocols and delivers a diverse combination of options within the range.


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