Aesthetic brackets

For an even more beautiful smile – rediscover aesthetics.

Overview Bracket Lines

discovery® pearl

The highly aesthetic ceramic bracket.

  • A distinguishing feature of discovery® pearl is the proven bracket geometry from the discovery® family.
  • discovery® pearl offers a high level of translucency for perfect aesthetics.
  • With its perfect geometry and size, the bracket seems virtually non-existent in the mouth.
  • Patented laser-structured base with FDI notation for easy matching to the correct tooth.
  • Anatomical base for a perfect fit on the tooth.
  • Available with and without colored positioning guides.


The invisible plastic bracket.

  • The bracket is barely visible on the teeth thanks to the tooth-colored polycarbonate.
  • Excellent mechanical bonding.
  • The integrated metal slit means the archwire can easily slide in the slot.
  • Monolithic bracket with high biocompatibility and stability.
  • Individual color marking for easy matching to the correct tooth.

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