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The palatal implant tomas® PI

A new component to the successful tomas® system

Released: 21.09.2021

The palatal implant tomas® PI

tomas® has been one of the leading skeletal anchorage systems for many years. Users value its easy, clearly structured handling and high reliability. Dentaurum adds a new component to this successful system – tomas® PI (palatal implant)

More than twenty-five years of in-house implant production

All this experience lead to the completely new design of tomas® PI. Palatal implants are adaptations of the implants known from prosthetic dentistry in regard to length, diameter and connector geometry. To speed up healing, tomas® PI has the same blasted and etched surface as, for example, the successful tioLogic® TWINFIT implant. Its two connector geometries (conical and platform) in one implant body are a world first – made by Dentaurum. Double fit implants require the highest precision in production. This also improved the internal screw connection of tomas® PI (palatal implant).

Pillar of orthodontic skeletal anchorage

Palatal implants have never been the focus of attention compared to mini implants, despite being one of the three pillars of orthodontic skeletal anchorage. This is completely unjustified considering its diverse applications and long success story. After almost three decades of clinical use and a 95% success rate, palatal implants guarantee an efficient orthodontic treatments in the upper jaw - for both horizontal and vertical tooth movements.
Palatal implants are usually inserted in the anterior region of the hard palate. tomas® PI (palatal implant) can also be inserted in other parts of the jaw that offer sufficient space. The accessories are anchored via an internal hexagon with a screw connection. Due to its small dimension (4 mm diameter and height), tomas® PI (palatal implant) could also be used extraorally, for example to attach epitheses.

Few accessories, maximum flexibility

The philosophy of the tomas® anchorage system is achieving maximum flexibility with as few parts as possible. In order to attach tomas® PI to many orthodontic appliances, there are three types of abutments, each in two different heights. One of them is provided with the sterile packaging of the implant and acts as closure cap as well. Its convex profile forms a unit with the concave contour of the polished implant neck preventing gingival overgrowth.
Along with indirect anchorage (e.g. fixing molars with a TPA), tomas® PI can be loaded immediately. Thus, long healing stages can be prevented using the right appliance.

Digital workflow– a world first

Digital workflows in orthodontics are obviously not a world first. However, tomas® PI is the first palatal implant in the world to allow a fully digital workflow. tomas® PI-impression post makes it possible, as it is an impression post suited for intra-oral scanning. This opens the door for tomas® PI to enter the digital world. Visit our Dentaurum home page to find STL data for numerous products, including the components of the palatal implant.


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