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SUS³ – Third Generation Sabbagh Universal Spring

Steady development of the time-proven Class II appliance

Released: 21.09.2021

SUS³ – Third Generation Sabbagh Universal Spring

The Sabbagh Universal Spring (SUS) has stood the test of time on the dental market for the past 18 years. The SUS is a telescopic element with a spring that can be used universally to achieve intermaxillary skeletal and dentoalveolar effects. Developed on the basis of the SUS², the SUS³ is available effective immediately.

The SUS³ is used, among other things, for correcting distal bite positions, molar distalization and for treating temporomandibular joint dysfunctions. Its use is the ideal solution for patients with poor compliance, low residual growth, upper respiratory tract diseases, asthma or allergies to plastic components.

The telescopic element has been further optimized and is highly resilient, thus allowing longer application times without loss of effect. In addition, the spring effect is strengthened and the SUS³ remains active for longer. It protects the jaw joint and helps to avoid extractions and dysgnathic operations.

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