Special expansion screws

Expansion screws for almost all applications.

Overview Expansion Screws


The versatile, multi-functional expansion screw.

The Variety special expansion screws with two legs for fixed appliances can be used for many divese applications in the maxilla and mandible. The compact design makes them comfortable for the patient to wear and their clever design increases safety and treatment success.


  • Distalization and mesialization of posterior teeth.
  • Osteodistraction in the mandible.
  • Uprighting, extention, turning and torquing of molars
  • Early palatal expansion in the maxilla.

Variety click

The special expansion screw with a feature against unwanted reversing.

All Variety expansion screws are available with the patented unwanted reversing click feature:

  • Variety click Mini – 8
  • Variety click SP (small palate) Mini – 8
  • Variety click Maxi – 12
  • Variety click SP (small palate) Maxi – 12

The unwanted reversing click is the ideal screw locking feature during the active treatment phase: it enables reliable activation/deactivation of the screw with a clearly perceptible click after a quarter turn. For both the orthodontist and the patient, this means a high degree of security.

Both the Variety click Mini and the Variety click Maxi are primarily designed for fixed appliances in the mandible, but they can be used for early palatal expansion in the maxilla as well.

Sectional screws

Diversity in expansion screws for all indications.

  • Three-dimensional screw according to Bertoni
    For combined transverse and protrusion movements with Y-plates.
  • Three-dimensional screw according to Steiner
    For combined transverse and protrusion movements with Y-plates.
  • Sectional screw Mini
    For movement of a single tooth.
  • Sectional screw Medium
    For distalization and segmentation of appliances.

Retraction screws

For space closure and movement of a single tooth.

  • Retraction screw Extra Mini.
  • Retraction screw Mini.
  • Retraction screw Medium.

Fan-type expansion screw

For maxillary anterior or posterior expansion.

Mandibular bow screw acc. to Müller

For transverse expansion of the mandibular anterior arch.

Expansion screw for split activator

For separate expansion of maxilla and mandible.

Flexible forward thrust double plate system according to Schaneng.

For the treatment of Angle Class II/1 (distoclusion).

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