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Overview Prosthetics

Desktop laser

Laser welding technique – strong in performance and easy to handle.

  • Extremely compact desktop unit.
  • High output reserve.
  • Ergonomically designed - large working chamber with inclining laser axis.
  • High-quality microscope with a wide field of vision.
  • Touchscreen with clear overview and simple to operate.
  • Integrated pulse shaping - 4 pre-set pulse shapes.
  • Two inert gas nozzles, one flexible and one fixed retractable.
  • Large pulse adjustment range - easy operation using joysticks.
  • Integrated extraction and cool air nozzle.

Surveying equipment

Casting made easy.

Paratherm - surveying, blocking-out and waxing unit.

  • Flexible measuring movement with linearly-guided sliding bars with the highest precision.
  • Horizontal swiveling range of the two arms over the entire working area.
  • Separate measuring and thermal blockingout rods, vertically spring adjustable. All positions fully adjustable.
  • Secure lockings.
  • Thermal temperature can be regulated up to 140 °C.
  • Replaceable tips.
  • Heavy, rigid construction.
  • Instrument storage holder.
  • Connection for electric wax knife and holder.

Paraline - surveyor, based on the Paratherm unit.

megapuls compact

Extremely compact, high-frequency centrifugal casting unit.

The new Megapuls compact is an extremely compact, high-frequency centrifugal casting unit. It can be used for all types of casting requirements within the dental laboratory in non-precious and precious metal alloys (except titanium). Easy operation and high centrifugal strength help produce perfect casting results, also for detailed technical work.

  • Extremely compact, high-frequency casting machine.
  • Extremely good value for money.
  • Very short melting cycles due to strong performance; the casting arm comes quickly to a halt.
  • Easy to operate.
  • High centrifugal strength.
  • Melting can be adjusted gradually.
  • HF coil is lowered automatically.


Electric wax knife with transformer.

  • Electric wax knife with transformer.
  • 1 wax knife is included in delivery.


Technical data:

  • Voltage: 230 V~ / 50 Hz.
  • Max. temperature 280°C/536°F, adjustable.
  • Cable length: 95 cm.

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