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hyrax® neo

The latest RPE expansion screw from Dentaurum

Released: 21.09.2021

hyrax® neo

hyrax® neo is the latest RPE expansion screw from Dentaurum: The company now has an even bigger selection of products for rapid palatal expansion with a fixed appliance. The name Dentaurum has stood for outstanding quality, continuous innovation and a high level of reliability for 135 years. Thanks to many years of experience in precision engineering, Dentaurum can produce products in high-quality detail. The hyrax® screws (Hygienic Rapid Expansion screw) for rapid palatal expansion have been available since 1968 and have been continuously improved since then.

New, additional design: hyrax® neo special expansion screw for palatal expansion
The hyrax® neo stands out with its new, minimalistic body design and retention legs that are parallel to the palate suture. This design makes it the ideal partner for working with TAD systems, such as tomas®.
Many innovative construction details make their use even easier, safer and more effective. The screws are guaranteed to open evenly and not reverse inadvertently thanks to the friction on the thread which has been carefully calculated, and an integrated stop mechanism. High precision work and excellent quality ensure that the screw construction is strong and stable. hyrax® RPE screws achieve wide expansion despite their small size, even when fully activated. The laser-welded arms are not only biocompatible, they are also capable of bearing a high mechanical load.
All Dentaurum expansion screws are assembled by hand and on fully-automated machines and must pass high-level quality controls before leaving the factory. This ensures that the expansion screws all fulfill the high demands required for their use.

The choice is yours!
The diversity of RPE screws is now greater than ever before: the tried and tested hyrax® screws, the hyrax® click with the patented feature which prevents unwanted reversing and the hyrax® neo screws with new body design and retention legs that are parallel to the palatal suture.
Dentaurum has the right RPE screw for you - no matter how you work or which design you prefer. hyrax® neo is available with a maximum expansion of 7, 10 and 12 mm. For easier identification, this specification and a directional arrow are lasered on all hyrax® neo expansion screws. For the digital workflow, the hyrax® neo is also available without retention arms.

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