Herbst appliance

The classic treatment of class II cases.

Overview Class II Appliances

Indications Herbst

Herbst bite jumping hinges for every requirement – Safe. Proven. Effective.

  • Distoclusion / Class II (unilateral/bilateral).
  • Molar distalization (headgear substitute).
  • Gap closure (aplasia).
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder (repositioning effect).
  • Sleep apnea therapy.
  • Dentoalveolar compensation of occlusion (elastics substitute).

Herbst I

The classic appliance among Herbst bite jumping hinges.

  • Retention hinge for welding to bands.
  • Suitable for the banding and casting technique.
  • Maximum flexibility for individual designs.
  • Effective, non-compliance treatment.
  • Visible treatment results after only a short time in situ.

Herbst II

Modified Herbst bite jumping hinge.

  • Modification of classic appliance for fixing onto the archwire of multi-bracket appliances.
  • Combined use of Herbst bite jumping hinge and multi-bracket appliance is possible.
  • Effective, time-saving treatment.
  • Reliable results guaranteed with no need for patient compliance.

Herbst IV

The clever Herbst bite jumping hinge.

  • Version with ball and socket joint and C-clips for fixing.
  • Greater lateral freedom of movement in the mandible.
  • More comfortable for the patient to wear.
  • Easier handling thanks to the C-clips.

Herbst TS

Herbst bite jumping hinge for the highest demands.

  • This Herbst version is fitted with an inner telescope.
  • Prevents the hinge from sliding apart when the mouth is opened wide.
  • Perfect solution for small jaws due to its compact design.
  • With hexagon socket screw for secure fixation.
  • Treatment results are guaranteed, even without patient compliance.

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