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Digital workflow for implantology

Easy and economical

Released: 27.02.2023

Digital workflow for implantology

tioLogic® DIGITAL. gives implantologists and dental technicians access to the entire guided surgery and CAD/CAM workflow and offers clever solutions for tioLogic® implants. This enables digital planning from the positioning of the implant and the navigated implant insertion through to the production of high-precision tailored dental prosthetic restorations. The entire process is extremely economical, reproducible and offers quick results.

Products for the digital workflow
The patented tioLogic® TWINFIT implant system with its two connector geometries (conical/platform) and all its components is designed to suit a complete digital workflow (Fig. 1). As a digital partner, Dentaurum Implants places great value on process sequences that are efficient and easy to follow, using materials that have been validated. Working efficiently and flexibly has never been so easy. The tioLogic® TWINFIT components from Dentaurum Implants optimize the whole procedure: beginning with digital implant planning and navigated insertion (guided surgery), to the intra-oral scan through to the final, digitally produced restoration (CAD/CAM dental restoration).

tioLogic® pOsition – planned reliable implant placement
Modern 3D imaging techniques such as CT and CBCT enable the implantologist to better identify existing jaw structures and bone conditions, to determine the ideal implant position and to coordinate the course of treatment accordingly, prior to surgery. The tioLogic® pOsition navigation system (Fig. 2) is designed for the guided insertion of tioLogic® implants. It enables a precise, template-guided preparation of the bone together with imaging techniques and various coordinated 3D planning software. Restorations can be further individualized using all CAD/CAM technologies with data sets and original materials. This enables easy production of customized one-piece abutments, hybrid abutments as well as bar and bridge restorations on printed models.

New material – proven design
In addition to a resource-saving production and certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and EMAS, reducing disposable components is also firmly part of the concept. The HLD® coating allows the digital scanning of scan abutments and scan caps made of titanium without any powder or spray. The scan bodies (Fig. 3) are robust and are inherently stable. They can be easily reprocessed and reused. They are therefore more durable and environmentally friendlier than, for example, PEEK.

An all-rounder for model fabrication
The scan is made using an intra-oral scanner (TRIOS/3Shape inter alia) either on the basis of the tioLogic® TWINFIT platform connector geometry or directly on the shoulder of the 4Base abutments to ensure that the individual oral situation is transferred exactly.

The model can be printed with the planned cavities via the model printing service at Dentaurum and the tioLogic® TWINFIT laboratory implants for printed and cast models (Fig. 4) can be fitted according to the corresponding series of abutments S, M or L. The laboratory implant is an all-rounder. It is suitable for digital and conventional methods to produce a model. Thanks to its external geometry, it can be both fixed in plaster and positioned exactly in the cavities on the printed model.

Production of customized one-piece abutments using CAD/CAM is uncomplicated thanks to tioLogic® PreForm titanium blocks (Fig. 3) which are compatible with the Medentika abutment holders. They are also guaranteed to fit the highly precise inner connection of the tioLogic® implants. Pre-formed tioLogic® titanium bases can be offered for individual hybrid abutments. The geometry has been developed specially to suit zirconium and therefore guarantees a safe, aesthetic connection to the ceramic mesostructure. Angulated screw apertures (Fig. 5) offer a perfect, aesthetic solution even in anatomically difficult situations.

These solutions for the digital workflow in implantology are Made in Germany – developed and produced by the oldest dental company in the world!

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