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Dentaurum Digital order platform

Pan-European market launch at the IDS 2023

Released: 27.02.2023

Dentaurum Digital order platform

We proudly present a further highlight from our range of digital products: the Dentaurum Digital order platform ( Customers can order their individual products and services here simply and quickly. Right on time for the IDS, the order platform can be used in many additional countries in Europe. Products are manufactured to a high level of quality thanks to professional quality management and validated manufacturing processes as well as industry standard for machines and processes.

prime4me® products and services: Digitize, archive and produce
Discover our digital products and services on Dentaurum Digital: prime4me® Aligner, the innovative splint concept for the very best treatment results, prime4me® RETAIN3R, custom-made 3D retainers in titanium grade 5 and prime4me® model printing, base models and dental arch models for orthodontics. The website is quickly and easily accessed via your Dentaurum customer number and password.

Advantages of the Dentaurum Digital order platform
All Dentaurum Digital products can be easily and intuitively ordered. Files can be easily uploaded. You can see the current status of your orders at any time (incl. all open and completed orders). Proposals for the design of prime4me® RETAIN3R or treatment with prime4me® Aligner can be approved with just a few clicks. Our experienced support team is available online to answer questions regarding your orders.

prime4me® Aligner
The transparent aligners complement Dentaurum's diverse orthodontic product portfolio to include an option for orthodontic treatment that is aesthetic and almost invisible.

OnyxCeph3TM is used for digital case planning in close coordination with the orthodontist. Either digital scan data can be uploaded, or plaster models can be sent to Dentaurum. After the order has been received, a treatment proposal is posted to Dentaurum Digital for approval. A detailed report indicates which of the three treatment packages (smart, advanced or performance) is suitable for the patient. In addition, individual steps showing the repositioning of the teeth can be seen in the browser-based OnyxCeph3TM 3D Viewer.

Our experienced team can take any requested changes to the case planning into account. After validation by the orthodontist on the order platform, the aligners are fabricated and sent to the dental practice.

prime4me® RETAIN3R
The retainer is designed according to the customer's wishes using a unique three-dimensional construction design, guaranteeing a perfect fit. The digital design also works for situations where space is limited. The material, titanium grade 5, is biocompatible, making the Retainer 3D highly suitable for patients with a nickel allergy.

Once the design has been approved, the retainer is milled one-to-one from a titanium blank. The patient will find the retainer comfortable to wear as its lingual fit is ideal and the adhesive surfaces are smaller. This, in turn, also helps improve and ease oral hygiene.

prime4me® model print
Printed base models and dental arch models for orthodontics are produced with maximum precision, providing an ideal basis for the fabrication of orthodontic appliances. Order processing and production are effected quickly and the printed models can be sent to the customer 48 hours later.

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