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ceraMotion® Z – The smart overall concept for natural all-ceramic restorations

Six different ceraMotion® Z blanks cover all zirconium-based indications

Released: 21.09.2021

ceraMotion® Z – The smart overall concept for natural all-ceramic restorations

Dentaurum welcomes a new member to the ceraMotion® family: ceraMotion® Z.  
The smart material completes the product range with six zirconium oxide blanks and stands out thanks to its variety of applications, biocompatibility and perfect optical adaptability. The first choice for prosthetic restorations which place the highest demands on material properties and aesthetics.

We have them all – the ceraMotion® family continues to grow
The six ceraMotion® Z blanks cover all zirconia-based indications and offer maximum reliability in shading and processing. State-of-the-art materials technology within a logical overall concept make ceraMotion® Z the smart choice for natural all-ceramic restorations created to meet high demands.

Especially the multi-shaded, multi-layered zirconium oxide ceraMotion® Z Hybrid is a truly multi-purpose material. In one blank, it combines the aesthetics of 1.000 MPa zirconium oxide with the strength of a tetragonal, highly translucent zirconium oxide. ceraMotion® Z Hybrid is pure aesthetics and suitable for all work in the anterior and posterior region.

The ceraMotion® products can be combined with one another very efficiently. The processing technology and the choice of material combinations within the ceraMotion® product range can be individually adapted to the respective case and freely selected. Both the ceraMotion® Zr veneering ceramics and the unique ceraMotion® One Touch ceramic paste harmonize perfectly with lithium disilicate (ceraMotion® LiSi) and zirconium oxide (ceraMotion® Z).


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