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ceraMotion® CADback – the creative software for dental ceramists!

Dentaurum is bringing software for micro-layering-design onto the market

Released: 18.01.2024

ceraMotion® CADback – the creative software for dental ceramists!

With advancing digitization in dental prosthetics there is often a conflict between tradition and technology. For decades, the ceramic department was considered a stronghold of the manual layering technique, but digitization, with all its advantages, is making inroads into this space. But why not combine the best of both worlds? A world premier: that's precisely what's possible with ceraMotion® CADback (Dentaurum).

Dentaurum has entered contentious debate, and together with specialists has developed the ceraMotion® CADback software, which uses digitization to harmonize the ceramic layering technique. For decades, ceramics stood for precise craftsmanship and artistry. But digitization has opened up new possibilities that cannot be ignored. For instance, monolithic fabrication offers economic advantages that explain the growing popularity of this simplified approach. Nonetheless, there are occasions when its limitations reveal themselves, especially when it comes to fine details or individualized aesthetics in the anterior region. Micro-layering is the response to this challenge. The advantages of monolithic fabrication are combined with layering. The requirements are suitable ceramic materials (e.g., ceraMotion® One Touch) and a real micro-layering framework. And who can design that better than the ceramists themselves? That's exactly what ceraMotion® CADback is designed for.

ceraMotion® CADback and the revolution in the ceramics department
ceraMotion® CADback is not simply more CAD software for the dental laboratory. It is standalone software especially for the ceramist. The software precisely “knows” their needs and requirements and provides the tools for real micro-layering design. With ceraMotion® CADback, the ceramist with their trained eye for fine details becomes actively involved in the digital workflow, not only influencing the framework design, but shaping it. Simplicity in focus. Without prior knowledge of CAD, ceramists create their micro-layering designs effortlessly with this software. It's as intuitive as editing an image on a smartphone. As though the best of both worlds has been combined into one tool: the advantages of digitization are utilized without needing to learn complex software solutions.

The new art of layering
As one of the pioneers of micro-layering ceramic (ceraMotion® One Touch), Dentaurum is now setting another milestone and, with ceraMotion® CADback, is putting its stamp on the new art of layering. The software – a true world first – allows dental laboratories to utilize the advantages of micro-layering. Aesthetically, it is the crowning glory of all-ceramic restorations and underlines what distinguishes the art of dental prosthetics: individuality and attention to detail. So ceramists are welcoming digital transformation in keeping with their profession: CADback ceraMotion® is their powerful response to the trend towards monolithic fabrication. Because sometimes it has to be a little more!

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