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Ortho-Cast M-Series

The new generation of buccal tubes.

  • Genuine 1-piece buccal tube for high biocompatibility.
  • Modern, flat design for easy handling and high level of patient comfort.
  • 3D base with laser-structured pad for perfect fit and excellent retention.
  • Clear laser marking with + (upper jaw) / - (lower jaw) and FDI marking on base for easy matching to tooth.
  • Pliable ball-end hook for versatility and customization of treatment.


The innovative MIM buccal tubes.

  • Ortho-Cast buccal tubes are manufactured using the proven MIM technique (metal injection molding).
  • Stable design for optimum transfer of forces.
  • Funnel-shaped opening and distal groove for rubber rings or ligatures.
  • Rounded edges and corners to avoid irritation to the mucosa.
  • 1-piece bracket with hook without solder for high biocompatibility.
  • Made of stainless steel.


The classic buccal tube.

  • Solid design with the smallest of dimensions.
  • Laser-welded base, biocompatible.
  • Highly precise opening, mechanically fabricated.
  • Excellent fit thanks to anatomical contouring of base.
  • Ortho buccal tubes are made of stainless steel.

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