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Equilibrium mini

Characteristics in detail.

Overview Orthodontics


Comparison in size equilibrium® mini / equilibrium® 2

The size makes the difference!

The equilibrium® series is Dentaurum's classic bracket series. Reliable results in patient treatment over many years have proven the success of the attractive and functional design.

equilibrium® mini brackets are produced in one piece – body and base – from high-strength stainless steel*. This makes the brackets specially biocompatible, as no solder is involved.

equilibrium® mini is one of the smallest brackets in the world and 40% smaller in comparison with equilibrium® 2.

* Material number acc. to DIN 1.4404

Characteristics in detail



Patented laser structure with FDI notation.

  • The FDI notation on the laser-structured base is abrasion resistant and does not contain any harmful coloring agents.
  • Micro and macro retentions make optimum bonding possible whilst guaranteeing safe debonding.
  • The design of the rhomboid base with central marking facilitates placement on the clinical crown.
  • The brackets are laser-marked to ensure they can be clearly identified and positioned.
  • The low In/Out values enable an ideal application of force.

Low profile for more patient comfort.

One-piece bracket for high biocompatibility.

Low friction in the slot.

Patented laser structure with FDI notation.

Rounded edges.
Large wing undercuts.

Anatomically adapted shape.

Highlights overview

  • 40% smaller in comparison with equilibrium® 2.
  • One of the smallest brackets in the world – both aesthetic and comfortable for the patient to wear.
  • Ideal bond between bracket and tooth thanks to 3D CAD bracket base with laser structure, adapted to the tooth.
  • Anatomically adapted one-piece bracket without solder for high biocompatibility.
  • Patented laser-structured base with FDI notation for easy matching to the correct tooth.
  • Low friction in the slot due to the special treatment of the slot surfaces.
  • Generously rounded tie wing undercuts in optimal design allow flexibility when choosing ligatures.
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