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The versatile Orthocryl® acrylic system has been a fixture in orthodontic laboratories for more than 50 years. For generations, it has combined excellent product characteristics and easy handling. When working with the Orthocryl® acrylic system, there are no limits to your creativity.






The Orthocryl® acrylic colors range from classic shades to modern, funky neon colors.

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Discover the world of contrasts with Orthocryl® black & white.


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The physical properties of the Orthocryl® EQ powder components produce outstanding flow characteristics.

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Orthocryl® LC is available in six vibrant colors.


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Modern, digital patient consultation with Build-a-Brace!

Knowlege for dental offices and laboratories.

o-atlas II

Reference guide for removable orthodontic appliances.

In a fully revised, extended edition with new images, Ursula Wirtz presents all of the important removable orthodontic appliances.

It is a standard reference work designed as a work and study aid for removable orthodontic appliances and is widely illustrated. It serves as a comprehensive reference guide for both orthodontists and dental technicians.

The o-atlas II gives clear, precise information on how to make an orthodontic appliance. The new edition is characterized by its pleasing, modern design.

  • Over 390 pages with more than 1,000 illustrations in A4 format.
  • 235 different orthodontic appliances are shown and described. The o-atlas II includes 44 new orthodontic appliances.
  • More than 800 images have been replaced with new images of high quality.
  • A 360 degree product view of the 50 most interesting orthodontic appliances is available online at www.o-atlas.com.
  • Intelligent connection between print and online media in the o-atlas II.


360° images

With the purchase of this o-atlas II, you receive exclusive access to the protected area of the website www.o-atlas.com. On this website, you have the possibility of viewing and examining 50 of the most interesting orthodontic appliances from all sides.

This area is reserved exclusively to buyers of the "o-atlas II". Please register at www.o-atlas.com#view_360_view to gain access to the protected area.

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Expansion screws.
Perfect in form, function and design.

Be it in a fixed or in a removable appliance - Dentaurum expansion screws have been used millions of times, and have always proven their worth. You can be certain that you are putting your trust in a top product Made in Germany.

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Pliers and instruments for every application.

Whether for fixed or removable orthodontics, the Dentaurum pliers' program covers all fields of application. Users can always trust in consistent quality and reliability and do not have to read different Instructions for use or cleaning and care guidelines.

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