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The complete system for all indications

Skeletal anchorage – median, paramedian and interradicular.

Orthodontic treatment is easy and effective with the tomas® skeletal anchorage system. In almost all cases, using mini-pins eliminates the need for extra-oral equipment.

The main areas for treatment with mini pins are for example active tooth movements or passive stabilization. Extractions can almost always be avoided. tomas® users can benefit not only from the simple, but comprehensive portfolio with only a few components, but also from a large offer of services which greatly simplifies the application of the skeletal anchorage program.

Users have at their disposal a portfolio of instruments and accessories which have been especially coordinated for tomas®-pins. There are no limits to the possibilities for coupling tasks.

The tomas® system for skeletal anchorage

One system, many possibilities.

  • The tomas® system is one that convinces users thanks to its easy handling and high level of reliability.
  • Components optimally coordinated.
  • The complete system for all indications – distalization, mesialization, intrusion, palate expansion or indirect anchorage.
  • Suitable for both the beginner and the professional in skeletal anchorage systems.
  • It can be used together with amda® for the bi- or unilateral distalization or mesialization of upper molars and for the retraction of the upper anterior teeth.
  • No patient cooperation required – in situ, 24 hours.

tomas®-RPE eyelet

Skeletal anchorage using the Pin-Last© approach.

Fabrication of the skeletally anchored hybrid RPE or MARPE (Mini screw Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion) and the insertion of the tomas®-pin are easier with the help of the tomas®-RPE eyelet. With the Pin-Last© approach, the pin position is planned, the REP appliance is fabricated and fitted, then the tomas®-pin is inserted using the tomas®-RPE eyelet as a guidance.

Characteristics tomas®-RPE eyelet.

  • Suitable for all types of skeletally anchored RPE appliances.
  • Free insertion of tomas®-pin EP in anatomically and biomechanically favorable position.
  • Applying the Pin-Last© approach.
  • Fitting the RPE appliance and the tomas®-pin in one appointment.
  • tomas®-RPE eyelet is both an insertion template and a connector in one.
  • The RPE appliance is fixated to the palate by means of the tomas®-pin via the tomas®-RPE eyelet.
  • Secure coupling between tomas®-pin and appliance.
  • The ideal addition to the range of indications of Dentaurum RPE screws.
  • Another application option for the universal tomas®-pin.


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