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tioLogic® TWINFIT titanium base Vario and new HLD coating

More digital and more customizable Dentaurum Implants extends its range

Released: 21.09.2021

tioLogic® TWINFIT titanium base Vario and new HLD coating

The brand new titanium base Vario comes with a revolutionary design offering efficient and flexible handling. An innovative addition to the tioLogic® TWINFIT implant system. You can adapt the base to various heights and individually adjust the screw aperture. The innovative HLD coating makes the impression simpler and more sustainable.

Complicated storage is history – today is Vario
The brand new tioLogic® TWINFIT titanium base Vario offers 4 different lengths and a screw aperture that can be angulated up to 20° in one single product.
The revolutionary design allows adhesive cylinder lengths from 3.3 mm to 7.8 mm in 1.5 mm steps. The titanium base Vario can simply be shortened using a separating disk. Subtle lines indicating the heights guide the cutting process. You can remove the preformed window creating an angulated screw aperture, all in one step. All lengths, angulations and diameters (corresponding to the tioLogic® TWINFIT series of abutments S, M and L) are available as CAD/CAM files. With the titanium base Vario, you have the choice between a conical and a platform connector.

You do not want to make a final decision during insertion? Change your mind at any time with the implant system tioLogic® TWINFIT. The innovative Abutment Switch of tioLogic® TWINFIT can hold conical and platform abutments. Keep your flexibility even until after the implant insertion.

Disposable components made of PEEK? The better solution is to use sustainable titanium components that can be effortlessly reprocessed, reused and even scanned.
Dentaurum has been actively committed to environmental protection for decades. Dentaurum Implants follows this path consistently as well. In addition to a resource-saving production and the certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and EMAS, reducing disposable components is firmly part of the concept.

The new HLD coating allows to scan superstructures and caps without any powder or spray.
After use, the components can be sterilized in the thermodisinfector. Titanium abutments are robust and keep their shape. Thus, they are more durable and environmentally friendly.

Working efficiently and flexibly has never been easier. Simplify your process from insertion to final restoration using the tioLogic® TWINFIT components of Dentaurum Implants.


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