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The new tomas®-RPE eyelet

for hybrid RPE and MARPE

Released: 04.06.2020

The new tomas®-RPE eyelet

The tomas®-system has been one of the leading skeletal anchorage systems for many years. Users value its easy, clearly structured handling and high reliability. Dentaurum is setting new standards: Skelettaly anchored RPE appliances can be fabricated using either the Pin-First© or Pin-Last© approach. This flexibility is possible with the new tomas®-RPE eyelet.

Pin-First© / Pin-Last© approach for RPE appliances
Rapid palatal expansion (RPE) has been used for transverse expansion of the maxilla since the 19th century. A differentiation is made between dentoalveolar and skeletally anchored RPE.
In the case of skeletally anchored RPE appliances, the mini-implants can be placed first before the RPE appliance is fabricated and fitted. This is the Pin-First© approach. However, there are situations where this approach is difficult. The Pin-Last© approach works the opposite way round: first, the position of the tomas®-pin EP (Elastic Palatal) is planned, the RPE appliance fabricated and fitted in the mouth. Then the tomas®-pin EP are inserted using the tomas®-RPE eyelet for guidance. No additional insertion template is needed since the tomas®-RPE eyelet serves not only as a coupling element between the tomas®-pin and the hyrax® expansion screws from Dentaurum, but can also function as a guiding element during insertion.
Thanks to the circumferential groove around the tomas®-RPE eyelet, the legs of the hyrax® expansion screw can be welded easily and stably in the exact required position. A holder is included in the delivery to help when positioning the tomas®-RPE eyelet on the working cast.

Complete freedom for treatment
With the new tomas®-RPE eyelet, treatment is possible without having to make compromises on anatomical and the best biomechanical positions when selecting the insertion site. It is possible to adapt the RPE appliance to the individual circumstances using the tomas®-RPE eyelet.

The appliance can be used for MARPE (Mini Screw Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion) and for hybrid palatal expansion. The tomas®-RPE eyelet was first presented by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Baumgaertel (USA) at the international TAD Conference in Las Vegas in November 2019 and now complements the worldwide leading tomas® system.

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