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Comprehensive range of implants

Optimum range of applications

With implants available in two diameters (3.5 and 4.5 mm) and each suppliedin four lengths (10, 12, 14, and 16 mm), the Tiolox®system provides a veryclearly structured system with a wide range of applications. It forms the idealbasic implant system in any practice, as it can be successfully used in virtually allcases.

Compact system

Cost-effective investment

During routine work in an implantological practice a well-structured systemensures that decisions can be made quickly and that the operator is familiarwith all the components.  When using the Tiolox®system, the entire practiceteam operates effectively and safely, promoting cost-effectiveness.

Autologous bone harvesting

Optimum augmentation material

Any bone chips produced during conical forming and thread tapping are collected. These can be used as autologous augmentation material.

Optimally coordinated individual components

Maximum flexibility

Apart from providing an intelligent, comprehensive range of products andaccessories, it is important that components are optimally coordinated to ensure efficiency and flexibility.

Practice-orientated accessories

Efficient, quick preparation

As a result of close contact with users over many years, we have been able to provide a range of accessories optimally tailored to meet the practical requirements of routine work. This ensures effectiveness and efficiency.Updating the Tiolox®product range on the basis of user feedback will continue toensure that implantologists can always rely on a state-of-the-art product range.

Four steps in preparing the implant site

Minimally invasive, quick preparation

The implant site can be prepared in just four steps. Surface cutting – depth drilling– conical forming – thread tapping. This is followed by implant placement

Well-structured stainless steel surgical tray

Professional preparation

All the surgical instruments and accessories in the Tiolox®surgical tray are coordinated. The tray has been especially designed to reflect the operatingsequence and ensure a safe, systematic surgical procedure.

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