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Specialists in dental ceramics

Dentaurum Ceramics

Released: 28.07.2020

Specialists in dental ceramics

Dentaurum Ceramics is one of the few companies worldwide with special knowledge in the development and manufacture of dental ceramics. The specialists from Angers in France have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing glass ceramics and pastes. Both in the past and the present, Dentaurum Ceramics has developed unique technologies in dental ceramics. Dentaurum Ceramics has belonged to the German company Dentaurum – a manufacturer of high-quality dental products with more than 650 employees worldwide – since 1994.

A specialist in dental ceramics, Dentaurum Ceramics is a pioneer in the fields of development and manufacture of glass ceramics without feldspar. Dentaurum Ceramics purposefully foregoes using feldspar, a natural product of varying composition. This ensures that each ceramic lot can be reproduced to meet the same high quality standard.

"Our teams consist of materials scientists, engineers specializing in biomaterials and dental technicians. They are constantly looking for new developments that are important for the dental market, both in the medium and the long-term. It is irrelevant whether these come from Industry 4.0 or from the area of raw materials. Technologies and materials are developing all the time, calling for innovations. We are working hard to develop high-quality materials for digital ceramic restorations", Dr. François Lelièvre, Managing Director of Dentaurum Ceramics, explains.

Cooperations with universities    
Experts at Dentaurum Ceramics work to ensure that the latest findings in materials science from cooperations with the best international universities and external dental laboratories are included in the manufacture of their products. In the field of digital technologies, Dentaurum Ceramics is currently investigating various forms of recovery for the manufacture of ceramic blanks.

Manufacture of dental ceramics    
The company has modern machinery for industrial manufacture of ceramic powders and pastes which are classed as "medical products" in accordance with European directives. Flexible management of the production capacity is possible. The products can be manufactured in small or large packages to customers' specific requirements for the world market. Dentaurum Ceramics manufactures around 1500 different products for the successful ceramic system ceraMotion®, maintaining the highest of quality standards.

Leading in the manufacture of ceramic pastes    
Dentaurum Ceramics is the first company worldwide to have succeeded in manufacturing dentins in paste form. ceraMotion® One Touch No Limits and Pink, the first 3D Dentins in paste form, are a world first. The ceraMotion® One Touch 2D and 3D ceramics pastes for the aesthetic finish and characterization of all-ceramic monolithic restorations made of lithium disilicate and zirconium oxide are new in the product range.

Dental ceramics for modern dentistry    
Specialists agree that dental ceramics are of importance for prosthetic materials. The management at Dentaurum recognized this development at an early stage and therefore integrated Dentaurum Ceramics into the company. In-house development and production in France made it possible in the past to develop special ceramics and ceramic pastes for a wide range of different materials. It is also possible to meet requirements for future extensions to the range of prosthetic framework materials and new demands on ceramic products in a timely manner. Today, dental ceramics are indispensable in modern dentistry thanks to their individual characteristics. Dentaurum's strategic vision for developments in the field of ceramics is confirmed daily by market trends. Latest research contributes to Dentaurum Ceramics holding a leading position on the market in technological innovations for all-ceramic prosthetic restorations.

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