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rema® CAD/Vest from Dentaurum:

The investment material with compressive strength

Released: 06.05.2021

rema® CAD/Vest from Dentaurum:

Perfect introduction to semi-digital CAD/Vest technology
Dentaurum presents a highly resistant speed investment material with high gas permeability. It is especially suitable for restorations made by 3D printing or milled from wax / plastic. Several objects can be embedded simultaneously and cast precisely.

The new rema® CAD/Vest investment material is specially designed for the requirements for casting larger printed or milled structures in plastic. These are no longer invested on a model as in the case of conventional cast partial dentures, but, as is known from the crown and bridge technique, they are fitted free-standing with casting channels. The size of the casting ring can be adapted to the objects to be cast. It is therefore possible to invest together several frameworks for cast partial dentures or for crowns or bridges together in an upright position. Using the special mixing liquid, devesting is easy and it is possible to achieve a very good fitting accuracy for the constructions.

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