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New edition of an extraordinary reference book for dental orthodontics:

Released: 06.03.2019

New edition of an extraordinary reference book for dental orthodontics:

If there is one book that should not be missing in any laboratory, dental office or orthodontic library, then without a doubt it's the o-atlas – a unique reference guide for removable orthodontic appliances. It was first published in book form in 2007 and is enjoyed by a large group of readers world-wide to this day. It has become a standard reference guide not only for dental technicians, but also for dentists and orthodontists. The German edition of o-atlas II was a huge success when it was presented in October 2017. Soon it will be available also in English, Spanish and French.

Together with Dentaurum, the author Ursula Wirtz has successfully revised this encyclopedia of orthodontic techniques completely. It has been extended and updated. Readers will immediately notice its new, modern design. It includes descriptions of 44 new orthodontic appliances and has more than 800 new, high-quality images. It contains tips on how to fabricate standard, classic appliances as well as more unusual, special appliances. It is illustrated with many useful pieces of information and informative detail views, making it an invaluable source of knowledge for beginners and professionals as well as for students and teachers in orthodontics. In short: a must-have reference book with 8 chapters, 235 appliances and more than 1000 images.

From a digital perspective
There is also a lot happening on the Internet since print and online media are cleverly combined with the o-atlas II: readers can make use of the advantages of the Internet whilst reading. High-definition 360° views make it possible to study online 50 of the most interesting appliances in o-atlas II from all sides and in the smallest of detail.

Available from mid-March 2019
The English, Spanish and French editions of o-atlas II will be available at IDS 2019.

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