LaserCUSING® process

Laser melting technology with the best materials.

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Laser melting technology using the best materials

Dentaurum and Concept Laser.

Synergies of the leading supplier of clinically-proven, non-precious alloys and the pioneer of the generative metal laser melting technology (Laser CUSING® process).

In the laser melting process, metals in powder form are melted locally by means of a high energy laser beam with a high energy density. The components are built up layer by layer. The LaserCUSING® process can be used to manufacture dental products such as crowns, bridges, cast partial dentures and secondary constructions in a standardized manufacturing process economically and at a consistently high level of quality. Products made using the LaserCUSING® process fulfil the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive.

CoCr alloy remanium® star CL

remanium® star CL

remanium® star CL has been available as a casting alloy and milling blank for about a decade and has been used successfully millions of times.

  • Extremely easy to work with, especially when milling or polishing due to the unusually low hardness.
  • Excellent veneerability due to the low coefficients of thermal expansion.
  • Increased efficiency in working process.
  • Oxide firing is not necessary.
  • Highly suitable for welding since carbon-free.
  • Suitable for all processing technologies:       
    • remanium® star CL – powder for laser melting (exclusive purchase from Concept Laser)
    • remanium® star cast pellets (à 6g) 
    • remanium® star milling blanks (8mm to 25mm thickness)

Titanium alloy

rematitan® CL

rematitan® CL (titanium alloy) is a proven medical product offering a high level of safety.

  • Titanium is extremely corrosion-resistant.
    Titanium does not corrode. A protective oxide layer is built up, making it inert (chemically inert).
  • Titanium is biocompatible.
    Titanium does not release ions. Consequently, no pathalogical reactions are triggered in the body.
  • Titanium is the most biocompatible metal of all.
    It has proved to be an outstanding material in human and dental medicine.
  • Titanium is a metal with low thermal conduction.
    The patient can enjoy hot or cold foods without pain. Gold conducts heat at a rate 15 times higher which explains why patients react more sensitively to hot and cold.   
  • Titanium is neutral in taste.
    The passivated surface of titanium prevents any reaction with saliva or foods. Patients do not experience a metal taste as with other metals.
  • Titanium can be used in diverse ways.
    Titanium can be processed in many different ways so it is possible for the patient to have only one kind of metal in the mouth.
  • Titanium is light.
    This greatly improves the feeling of comfort for the patient. Gold is four times heavier which is noticeable in the case of long bridges.

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