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From hygienically clean to double sterile packaging:

Dentaurum offers a wide range of quality products

Released: 05.06.2020

From hygienically clean to double sterile packaging:

The dental company Dentaurum places great emphasis on product hygiene, far beyond legal regulations. It has always been an important issue for the medical device manufacturer: the first ideas for a minimal-contact, hygienic packaging date back 20 years. A variety of clean and sterile products as well as smart packaging systems allow operators and patients to focus on a professional treatment procedure.

Dentaurum CEO Mark S. Pace states: “User and patient safety is our highest priority at Dentaurum. As the oldest owner-managed family company in the dental industry, our focus is always on the human being and on supplying our customers with a full range of high quality products and services. Thanks to the continued training of our experienced employees, regular quality controls and validated processes, we can maintain a complete hygiene chain all the way to our customers´ practices. In this regard, we are audited every year by independent entities. For more than 130 years we have stood for quality Made in Germany. We are committed to constantly evolving in all areas and adapting to new situations. Our products are manufactured and packaged with greatest care, which is why they are well suited to treat emergency patients during this pandemic. We can significantly contribute to user and patient safety in times of COVID-19".

Safe packaging concept for implants
tioLogic® TWINFIT implants undergo a comprehensive cleaning and sterilizing process and are delivered in gamma-sterilized double packaging. This packaging is an excellent solution not only for handling, but also for safety during transport. The outer packaging (foil and blister packaging) ensures perfect protection of the inner container which holds the sterile implant, the closure screw and the depth-stop sleeves. In addition, the eco-friendly outer packaging guarantees safe transportation and optimal storage in the practice.

The implant is safely fixated in the inner sleeve container, which prevents it from rotating. It can easily be taken out of the sleeve using the insertion key and can be inserted directly. This makes the procedure more efficient and guarantees contact-free handling. The color-coded lid of the triangular sleeve packaging contains the closure screw, which can be removed using the hex key and can be inserted directly into the implant. The blister packaging and the outer packaging come with a label indicating all necessary implant details.

Also worth mentioning is our skeletal anchorage system tomas® which makes orthodontic treatment more effective and simple. tomas®-pin have been supplied in a sterile packaging since 2004. In almost all cases, using mini-implants eliminates the need for extra-oral equipment. They can be used for distalization, mesialization, intrusion, palate expansion or indirect anchorage.

High tech hygiene in orthodontics
In 2018, Dentaurum was the first orthodontic company worldwide to implement a robot-steered bracket packaging machine. Since then, our discovery® smart brackets have been packaged in a fully-automated process. After manufacturing, the brackets undergo a complex cleaning process consisting of up to 7 cleaning steps. Then, in the course of a process developed specially for our brackets, they are packaged, sealed and labeled. The double foil offers optimal protection against contamination and two seals on the packaging guarantee the brackets are genuine. Orthodontists receive hygienically clean brackets which they can remove with the aid of tweezers and place directly into the patient's mouth with no need for additional cleaning.

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